Master in Advanced Materials Innovative Recycling


Master in Advanced Materials Innovative Recycling


The AMIR Master program was designed to attract high-level students, preferably in engineering sciences. The departments of Materials Sciences, Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Chemistry and Earth Sciences of FCT NOVA and their research centres, comprising more than 150 Ph.D. teachers/researchers, constitute the essential support of this master's degree in academic terms and thesis framework.

It aims to provide knowledge on concepts and tools needed to evaluate the sustainability of products and processes and give them innovative capacities that will lead to sustainable production. It intends to harmonize learning at the level of advanced materials to develop intelligent production systems of goods and equipment, with the knowledge of complex engineering systems at the macro scale, which encompasses the evaluation of impact of decision making on environmental, economic and social dimensions. It is structured in order to: 

a) provide specific skills and knowledge essential to the exercise of a profession; 

b) provide the indispensable articulation between acquired knowledge and the needs of the labour market; 

c) ensure the development of a critical posture and creative autonomy; 

d) foster the skills of teamwork, leadership and entrepreneurship.


Career opportunities

The AMIR Master Program, being an innovative and pioneering program, where the vision that the graduates will have at the level of advanced materials and innovative recycling, will be especially suitable for employment in companies that value the recycling and sustainability component. The functions of the AMIR graduate are necessarily comprehensive and specialized, which include important social and economic dimensions, in the activities that advocate process optimization, materials design, plant administration, project management, etc., whether in the industrial field or public and governmental organizations. Possible sectors include information and communication technologies, building construction, energy, machinery and mobility. Graduates also obtain the necessary skills and knowledge to set up their own company. Further doctoral studies are another possibility and students may apply for Ph.D. programs in Europe. 

Tuition Fees

Portuguese students: 2000 €/year

Foreign students: 7000 €/year


Students may apply for a scholarship covering academic fees, accommodation and voyage costs, through the EIT Raw Materials and Erasmus Mundus programmes For further details, please check Fees & Scholarships - AMIR - Master in Advanced Materials: Innovative Recycling.


1st phase: 12th february to 22nd march 2024

2nd phase: 3rd June to 17th july 2024

Acceptance rate in masters

Accepted applicants will have to pay (within a maximum of 7 consecutive days from the date of placement) a non-refundable rate of 100 euros, which will be deducted, after registration, from the total tuition fee. Any payment made after the deadline will not be refunded, leaving the candidate excluded.


International Applications

Web page

Entrance requirements for the 2024/2025 academic year

Vacancies for 2024/2025:


Admission rules:

  • Holders of a Bachelor's degree in any area or equivalent in Engineering, exact sciences or natural sciences;
  • Holders of a foreign academic degree in the required areas conferred following the 1st cycle of studies according to the Bologna Process; 
  • Holders of a foreign academic degree in required areas recognized as meeting the objectives of the Bachelor´s degree, in the same area, by the Scientific Council of the FCT NOVA;
  • Holders of a curriculum that is recognized as attesting the capacity to accomplish referred cycle of studies by the Scientific Council of the FCT NOVA.


  • Course classification;
  • Academic and scientific curriculum;
  • Professional curriculum;
  • Motivation letter
  • Possible interview (in English).

Course coordinator:

Prof. Alexandre Velhinho

Registration and Accreditation


Registration number R/A-Cr 42/2019 on 26/07/2019


Publication date of the accreditation decision: 05/06/2019

Period of validity of the accreditation:
6 years from 31/07/2019

About the Department of Materials Science

The Department of Materials Science (DCM), NOVA School of Science and Technology, was the first to be created nationally in 1976 at the initiative of its first president, Prof. Leopoldo Guimarães. The initial aim was to create university extension courses in the field of materials leading to the creation of a root degree covering a wide range of scientific areas, including metallurgy, semiconductor materials, polymeric materials and mesomorph, ceramic materials and crystals, crystal chemistry and quality control.

Since then the Department of Materials Science has grown and diversified its activities, mainly due to the efforts of its faculty and staff, embodied in a large number of projects (academic and industrial) funded by National, European and International authorities. This allowed its modern adaptation to new technologies, providing  for such a unique laboratory infrastructure in Portugal, for teaching and research, internationally recognized and that has allowed to form Material Science Engineers of high scientific quality , able to respond to current society's demands.

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