PhD in Membrane Engineering (Erasmus Mundus)


PhD in Membrane Engineering (Erasmus Mundus)

The Erasmus Mundus Doctorate in Membrane Engineering (EUDIME) is designed to implement - at international level - excellence, innovation, mobility and multidisciplinarity in investigation approaches related to membrane science and technology. 

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Entrance requirements for the 2016/2017 academic year

Course coordinator:

Professor João Paulo Crespo (at FCT/UNL)

Registration and Accreditation


Registration number R/A-Cr 143/2011 on 06/09/2011


Accreditation on 28/09/2017, for 3 years

About the Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry is a permanent organic unity of the NOVA School of Science and Technology, devoted to teaching, to scientific research and to provide services in areas of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Chemical Engineering. The Chemistry Department (DQ, founded in 1981, has recognized market implementation in education and employment, particularly so because of the novelty and specificity introduced by the course in Applied Chemistry with which teaching at the School of Chemistry began.

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