PhD in Statistics and Risk Management

It became operational in 2009/2010. The minimum number of credits for the degree is 180 (3 years).


Besides contributing  to the creation, preservation and diffusion of knowledge in Mathematics in the specialties of Statistics, Economic, Actuarial and Financial Mathematics, Probability and Stochastic Processes, the objectives of this doctoral program are the following ones:

  1. provide high-level specialized scientific training;
  2. provide evaluated and recognized research practice;
  3. give the student ample internationalization opportunities.

Curricular plan

A brief description of this curriculum is as follows.

  1. The PhD degree will be awarded after approval in the curricular part of the doctoral program, which corresponds to teaching units totaling 60 ECTS, and the completion and approval in a public examination, requested by the applicant for consideration and discussion of an original dissertation, especially developed for this purpose.
  2. The PhD program is organized in three expertise areas: Statistics, Stochastic Processes, and Actuarial Mathematics. In each area of ​​expertise, curricular part consists of specific disciplines of the specialization area and of elective courses.
  3. The doctoral program unfolds, at an early training ground, with three compulsory sand three optional subjects, completed with the holding of two seminar and project courses. The compulsory and optional subjects will have to be made, in principle, during the first year. The seminars and research projects may, under certain specific conditions, take place in the second or third year of the program, under proposal from the Scientific Committee. 


Career opportunities

Teachers Career in universities and polytechnics, technical study and research offices in banking, insurance management pension investments and credit funds companies, corporate consultants, brokers, joining the actuary career.


Consoante o número de inscritos em cada especialidade poderá haver aulas teóricas, sessões de problemas ou regime tutorial. / Depending on the number of subscribers in each specialty there might take place lectures, tutorial sessions problems or tutorial regime.


Sendo essencial manter a qualidade da formação ministrada no programa doutoral, para a prossecução, em dissertação, do programa de estudos de doutoramento / It is essential to maintain the quality of the provided training for the pursuit, in the dissertation, of the doctoral study program, so:

It is required, to each student, the approval of two qualifying examinations, a generic and a specific one, depending on the choosen specialty;

The syllabus and rules concerning qualification examinations are set by the Scientific Committee in due time, prior to the students’ preparation;

By reasoned decision of the Scientific Committee, students who have in the most relevant courses of their curriculum a rating higher or equal to 15/20 values, may be exempted from the qualifying examinations.



In the doctoral program it is possible the award of an European Doctoral Degree assuming the fulfillment of following cumulative conditions:

The completion of a study or research period in a university located in another European country, under the thesis preparation, with a minimum duration of a quarter;

The requirement of two opinions in favor of acceptance of the doctoral thesis, delivered by teachers belonging to two higher education institutions of two European countries, other than the one where the thesis will be defended;

The inclusion in the doctoral jury, of a member coming from a higher education institution in another European country, different from the one where the thesis will be defended;

A part of the defense of the doctoral thesis must be made in an official language of the community of the country where the thesis will be defended.


The education core requires up to 12 hours a week, for which is needed an availability of 6 hours per day in two days. Opening times will be set according to players availability.

Tuition fee

Portuguese students: 2.750€

Foreign students: 2.750€


24th april to 16th july (1st phase)
2nd september to 20th september (2nd phase)
6th january to 25th february (3rd phase)


Entrance requirements for the 2019/2020 academic year

Vacancies for 2019/2020:


Admission rules:

To join the PhD program, the applicant must meet the conditions set by national legislation, by UNL’s and FCT-NOVA’s regulation, and meet at least one of following conditions:

Hold a master's degree, or legal equivalent with a final mark of fourteen values;

Hold an undergraduate degree and a particularly relevant academic or scientific curriculum that is recognized by the Scientific Council of FCT-NOVA as attesting the capacity to accomplish this cycle of studies;

Hold a academic, scientific or professional curriculum recognized by the Scientific Council of FCT-NOVA as attesting the capacity to accomplish this study cycle.

Online application:



Application process documentation:


Following documents must be scanned inserted in the program’s application page the FCT-NOVA’s site:

Qualifications certificate listing the obtained grades in the subjects of the courses in which they graduated;

Detailed vitae and professional curriculum;

Letter of application to the program containing the justification for the application;


Photography allowing identification;

Any recommendation letters;

Any other documents attesting the level and scientific training, capacity to carry out demanding projects in the medium run and other qualities considered relevant to the doctoral program with a five-page limit.


Preferential access conditions:

University education at bachelor or master’s level in areas with adequate basic preparation in mathematics for example: Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Actuarial, Statistics, Operations Research, Finance, Economics, Management, Physics, Electrical Engineering etc.


CV, level and quality of previous academic training, any recommendation letters characterizing previous experience, assessment outcome by a jury of a possible interview.

Course coordinator:

Professor Manuel L. Esquivel

Registration and Accreditation


Registration number R/A-Ef 3076/2011 on 18/03/2011


Accreditation on 22/06/2015, for 6 years

About the Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics is responsible for one undergraduate course (1st cycle of study) two graduate courses (2nd cycle of study) which award a master’s degree, two postgraduate courses (3rd cycle of study) which award a doctorate degree, a one year post-graduate course and other short courses. The department academic staff also cooperates in other courses of all qualification levels taught at FCT NOVA.

The scientific activity of the majority of the faculty members of the Department of Mathematics is developed at the Center for Mathematics and its Applications (CMA). Its research work covers four major areas: Algebra, Differential equations and Numerical Analysis; Operational Research, Statistics and Risk Management. CMA is integrated into the Faculty of Science and Technology of the New University of Lisbon and is financed by the Foundation for Science and Technology. In addition to the researchers of the Department of Mathematics, this center has the collaboration of many researchers belonging to several Portuguese and foreign universities. In the last evaluation that have been done by the Foundation for Science and Technology, CMA has obtained the classification of Very Good. The other members of this Department develop its scientific activity integrated in other research centers or autonomously.

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