About FCT

About FCT

Research and Innovation Accelerator


Juliana Monteiro - Funding Advisor at Horizon 2020 and Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT)
Margarida Melo - Executive Assistant
Marta Cerejo - Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Officer (TTO) 


RIA provides support to FCT NOVA community in the following areas:

1. Research Funding (national and international)

  • Identification of funding opportunities;
  • Support in the consortium establishment and writing of the respective regulatory agreements;
  • Support in proposal applications, including the assessment of eligibility conditions and helping in the writing of the following proposal sections: intellectual property, dissemination, communication and exploitation of results
  • Support in the administrative and financial sections of the grant proposal

2. Intellectual Property

  • Counselling and guiding on Intellectual Property protection issues;
  • Invention state of the art search;
  • Liaison with INPI, IGAC and contracted AOPIS;
  • Patent draft review and support for preparing replies to exam notifications at national level;
  • Preparation and revision of IP ownership agreements;

3. Knowledge valorization and technology transfer

  • Brokerage of FCT NOVA and private sector relationship, promoting partnerships;
  • Negotiation and implementation of technology transfer agreements;
  • Suggesting best route for exploitation of research results and analysis of market potential;
  • Mediation between FCT NOVA and Frontier IP, the School’s partner for technology commercialization;
  • Support in writing and revision of technology transfer agreements

4. Training

  • Data confidentiality management and intellectual property
  • Valorization and technology transfer; support FCT NOVA innovation chain;
  • How to maximize the impact of a grant proposal: tips to write a successful grant proposal;

5. Dissemination of research and innovation opportunities

Newsletter RIA with monthly publication. 




Coordinator :

Juliana Monteiro

Postal address:

Research and Innovation Accelerator
Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia
Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Campus da Caparica
2829-516 Caparica




+351 212 947 897

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