Advanced Training Support Division


  • Alexandra Carapinha
  • Ana Maria Martins
  • Graça Carrilho
  • Helena Padamo
  • Liliana Santos
  • Sofia Picareta


The Division Support Advanced Training aims to support the management and implementation of doctoral programs and post fellows -doc in close collaboration with the respective coordinators or mentors, and has the responsibility to:

  • Organize and update the personal students files and ensure the registration of post -doc fellows;
  • Clarify the students on issues related to his academic career;
  • Ensure the process of students' registration renewal;
  • Ensure the verification and control of tuition fees;
  • Control the release of ratings of internal and external courses presented by teachers ;
  • Lead all doctoral processes until the conducting the public examinations;
  • Prepare the academic certificates requested by students, to be afterwards issued by the Academic Division;
  • Receive, instruct and monitor the academic requirements of students;
  • Prepare the information and statistical data requested by the Academic Division;
  • Monitor the preparation of regulations of doctoral studies and agreements between institutions in the framework of association doctoral programs;
  • Ensure telephone , electronic or in person answering of students, post -doc, coordinators, counselors and teachers;
  • Provide the Division Academic with the requested information and statistical data concerning the 3 cycles.



Building I


Elsa Godinho

Postal address:

Advanced Training Support Division
NOVA School of Science and Technology
Universidade NOVA de Lisboa
Campus da Caparica
2829-516 Caparica




+351 212 948 300
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