Computing Division


  • Bruno Machado
  • Daniel Ramos
  • David Carreira
  • Helena Ferro
  • Hugo Monteiro
  • Luís Anjos
  • Maria da Conceição Pereira
  • Nuno Silva
  • Pedro Marques
  • Ricardo Pereira
  • Susana Pereira


The Computing Division aims to plan and maintain the entire Faculty’s network and computer infrastructure, articulating with NOVA’s Rectory the computer links abroad and manage the central servers of the Faculty, with competence to:

a) Collect the computer network requirements;

b) Design, plan and manage the computer network;

c) Install, configure and manage the active equipment of the computer network;

d) Ensure technical support in resolving the context of the communications infrastructure problems;

e) Set the Data Processing Center requirements, including computer servers and services;

f) Design and plan the Data Processing Center structure, including computer servers and services;

g) Install, configure and manage servers and IT services under its control;

h) Ensure backup copies of critical information in computer systems and information systems;

i) Ensure the technical support for the resolution of problems under the System Administration of computer systems under their control;
j) Set confidentiality criteria, safety and longevity of data;

k) Define and monitor the implementation of the use of all information systems policies, communication infrastructure, systems and services;

l) Establish and implement the safety rules of IT infrastructure, applications, services and procedures;

m) Define metrics for assessing the quality of services rendered;

n) Monitor, audit and evaluate the quality of rendered services;

o) Standardize and ensure the application of safety rules and technical procedures;

p) Study and analyze the requirements that the information systems must meet for their compliance with the objectives of College;

q) Designing and planning the architecture of information systems;

r) Ensure the integration of new applications with existing services, participating in the realization of acceptance testing and compliance;

s) Manage the maintenance, updating and implementation of new features in applications adopted in line with the needs the Faculty;

t) Ensure technical support in resolving the scope of information systems problems;

u) Managing protocols and agreements relating to central or shared licensing, cooperation programs, systems infrastructure, infrastructure communication, computer services and information systems;

v) Conduct the procurement processes of plants or shared licenses, systems infrastructure, communications infrastructure, computer services and information systems.



Edifício III


Samuel Neves

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Computing Division
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