Planning and Quality Management Division


  • Paula Almeida
  • Ana Barbosa
  • Sofia Augusto
  • Susana Alves
  • Carla Viana


The Planning and Quality Management Division is responsible for:

  • Supporting the implementation of quality practices in the Faculty;
  • Drawing up assessment studies of the Faculty’s performance in particular those of pedagogical and scientific nature;
  • Supporting the evaluation processes and courses accreditation, either during the preparation or in monitoring compliance with recommendations.
  • Participating in strategic planning studies, in collaboration with the institutional bodies of the Faculty and with the University Rectory;
  • Developing performance indicators and develop the means to obtain and keep them updated in collaboration with the Computing Division;
  • Developing a system for observing the insertion paths of the School graduates through periodic information collection;
  • Promoting the survey of the main problems concerning the adequacy of profiles of college graduates to the needs of the labor market;
  • Developing diagnostic and collection of prospective studies of scenarios for the evolution of job offer;
  • Performing the preparation of the school year, including: receive and register annual plans and in force curriculum offerings; prepare the system of academic management for the opening of annual subscriptions;
  • Developing and manage the timetables and exam timetables and to reserve rooms for classes, evaluation tests or other activities promoted by faculty bodies, offices, departments or by other duly authorized entities;
  • At the request of the students, provide the courses programs.





Maria José Castanho

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Planning and Quality Management Division
NOVA School of Science and Technology
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Campus da Caparica
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