The importance of ecosystems to human health



On March 13, at 2:00 p.m., the FCT NOVA Auditorium hosts the lecture "Human health, biodiversity and ecosystems".

Paulo G. Almeida, Professor at the NOVA Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, will be on stage together with Mónica Almeida, researcher at FCT NOVA, and Maria Rosa Paiva, Professor and researcher at the Environmental Sciences Department of FCT NOVA.

The perspectives of a physician with the support of two researchers with extensive curricula in the environment area will help to clarify the extent to which the environment does and does not (form) us.

At the same time, the activity of FCT VIVA will be reviewed by the project's creators and mentors, Maria Rosa Paiva and Mónica Almeida. Created in the framework of the Global Sustainability Strategy for FCT NOVA, the project promotes the study and dissemination of campus biodiversity. Among the activities of the initiative is the reforestation of fields of the Faculty, was the genesis of the construction of the pond and promoted actions of environmental education with impact on the exterior of the Faculty. Currently, this project is in the process of building a digital site with information about the campus, biodiversity and activities that will still be developed.