Students Mobility for Study (SMS)

Incoming Students


ACADEMIC YEAR 2021 / 2022


1st Semester (September - January) or whole academic year - Application documents must be sent until May 31st

2nd Semester (March - July) - Application documents must be sent until October 31st

Considering the pandemic situation we are facing, FCT will accept applications after this deadline if necessary. The sending institution should send us a request for an extension of the deadline for each applicant.


The Erasmus programme facilitates student mobility between European countries within the EU and the EEA.


Admission Conditions

To come to NOVA School of Science and Technology as an Erasmus student, there must exist a bilateral agreement between UNL and your University  (pdf)


Application procedures

If you are applying to NOVA School of Science and Technology as an Erasmus student for the 1st semester or whole academic year, you must send by email your Erasmus documentation until the 31st of May. If you are applying for the 2nd semester, then you must send by email your documentation until the 31st of October.


NOVA School of Science and Technology ACADEMIC OFFER


Required Documents


- Learning Agreement - (doc)  - Filled informatically (not handwritten), signed by the student and also signed and stamped by the home university 

- Transcript of Records - With the list of courses and grades obtained by the student at his University of origin, duly signed and stamped by your home university.

B1 Language Certificate of ENGLISH or A2 Language Certificate of PORTUGUESE


The documents must be sent to , duly signed and stamped by your university.

We don't need to receive the original documents by post. If your University needs to have the original documents signed and stamped you should bring the documents with you, when you start your mobility period.



At NOVA School of Science and Technology, all courses are taught in Portuguese with exception to the 2nd and 3rd cycles.

At FCT starting in 2020/2021 academic year students will be required to present a language certificate during the application, B1 of English or A2 of Portuguese. However, in order to communicate adequately and to attend classes successfully during your study period, we highly recommend B2 of English.


Academic Calendar 2021/2022

Winter Semester: 27 September - 07 January
Christmas Holidays: 23 December – 02 January
Exams: 21 January - 05 February
Spring Semester: 07 March – 09 June
Easter Holidays: 14 - 18 April
Exams: 27 June - 12 July


While preparing your Application

The foreign student should apply as soon as possible and carefully plan its stay in Portugal.

To do so, you must contact your Faculty's International Office , where you will get information about the steps you must take to do your application and afterwards you must speak with your Coordinator, who will help you with the elaboration of your Learning Agreement. To fill up correctly your Learning Agreement, you must use the Portuguese names of the courses you intend to study and, to do so, you should consult the courses’ programmes, available in Portuguese and in English.

After this, you must send, by email, to the Lodging and Mobility Office ( the Learning Agreement and Transcript of Records and wait for the confirmation (by mail) that you were accepted as an Erasmus student at NOVA School of Science and Technology.

Here you can read about our grading system and its equivalence with the ECTS Grading Scale.



Necessary documents to enter Portugal

If you are a student coming from the European Union …

To come to Portugal, EU nationals only need to have their identity card. 

If you are a student coming from outside the European Union …

Foreign students coming from outside the EU, must bring their passport with them. Please note that for citizens of some countries an entrance VISA is still required (please ask for information at the nearest Portuguese Embassy).


Getting a Study VISA

To enter Portugal, the ERASMUS student (European Mobility) doesn't need a VISA. It is only necessary to present his/her ID card or Passport. In case you will stay in Portugal longer than 3 months, you need to get a Residence Card called "Certificate of Registration of Community Citizen" - Please, see also information available at paragraph “Authorization and Resident Permit”.

The ERASMUS MUNDUS student (or from another programme), coming from outside the European Union, needs to obtain a Study VISA to enter Portugal. Please, inform yourself at your University or at the nearest Portuguese Embassy, which steps you need to take, before leaving your country.  More information available at paragraph” Authorization and Resident Permit”.



Try to arrive at a working day and during the working hours. This will make easier for you to contact people who can help you, in case you have any problems.
Everyone in Portugal, independently from his nationality, is advised to carry always with him a photocopy of his identification card or passport. On police demand, everyone has to prove the identity.


Before leaving your country

Visiting students should make sure they bring with them following documentation:

- Identification (passport or identification card);
- Presentation letter from the University of origin or a document confirming the attainment of the scholarship (which proves you are an Erasmus student);
- European Card for Medical Assistance, Form E111 or medical insurance;
- Recent photographs (passport size).


Arrival at NOVA School of Science and Technology

After your arrival at NOVA School of Science and Technology, you must present yourself at Academic Division, Lodging and Mobility Office.

We will provide you guidance and we will help you to reach your respective Coordinator. Through the Lodging and Mobility Office, you will get your registration on the chosen courses and also a student’s number. Later, our office will also give you a student card, which entitles you to everything a Portuguese student is entitled too, such as: access to the canteens, libraries, documentation centres, e-mail and Internet access, as well as price reductions of books, concert tickets, museums, etc.




If you need a place to stay, the Lodging and Mobility Office may help you, too.

AT NOVA School of Science and Technology website you will find a link to Portal do Alojamento

where you can find a large number of private offers: flats and rooms.  If you become interested in one of them, you must contact the owner, by the referred phone numbers or email.

For the first days you can stay at the Youth Hostel near NOVA School of Science and Technology, at Almada (Pragal). Then, with the help of this Office, you can look for accommodation for the rest of your stay.

Caparica Sun Centre - Located just 10 minute walk from the beaches of Costa da Caparica, the Caparica Sun Centre is an excellent option for those who like the proximity and tranquility of the sea while being close to the capital – Lisboa. The wide open spaces and the natural light, the staff quality of care and family atmosphere make this accommodation unit the right place to enjoy a pleasant stay.


Residência Fraústo da Silva

Due to the constraints caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, UNL Social Welfare Services, in compliance with the new rules for safe distance, were forced to limit the allocation of places in university residences.

Thus, considering the substantial decrease in the number of beds available, priority was given to students with Social Action scholarships and the allocation of vacancies to mobility / exchange students was canceled in the next academic year 2020/2021.


Useful Information/Services

The FCT/UNL has made a partnership with HOUZE, a Student housing company with more than 250 rooms in Lisbon and Costa da Caparica. For more information visit the HOUZE’s website ( where you can find information about all their rooms. Specifically under the tab “HOUZE FCT” you can find all HOUZE’s Residences for FCT/UNL Students. If you are interested, please, send an email to indicating what you are looking for.

Inlife - The unique housing platform where you can choose to visit the places in real time, by live video call, before you send the booking request.

Booking steps below:

1. Register or instantly start searching in the city map;

2. Enter your housing preferences (balcony, private bathroom...) if you want to receive immediate recommendations from Inlife advisors;

3. Choose the place you want, and then
a) Send instant booking requests, OR
b) Ask to visit first (if you feel the need to ask about who lives in the place and will be your future housemates; or if you want to quickly check the place in person or by live video call before you book it);

4. At the payment details, insert your promo code: INFCT00 to have a 10% discount on your reservation and visits service for free.


The website "Housing Anywere", offers you the possibility to register and to obtain information about accommodation in the country you are going to. For this purpose, please check the website

There are some Erasmus associations that intend to support and integrate international students in Lisbon through organizing local Cultural, sport, entertainment activities and helping to find accommodation:

ESN Almada

Erasmus Life Lisboa

The referred websites and corresponding information concern only to the nominated institutions, NOVA School of Science and Technology is not responsible for the any of those institutions, websites or information.


Portuguese Language Course

Please, be aware that the Portuguese Language Course will take place in another UNL’s School, the NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities, in Lisbon, at Av. de Berna, nº 26 C (near Praça de Espanha).


There are 2 possibilities to learn Portuguese at UNL:

  1. Summer Courses:
    These take place during the month of July and are intensive Portuguese Language and Culture Courses with different levels of attendance.
  2. Portuguese Language Course
    Starting at the beginning of each semester; with classes 2 times a week, all semester long. This Portuguese Language Course corresponds to 6 ECTS.

For more informations, including prices, please take a look at the following link:


Authorization/ Resident Permit

When you arrive in Portugal, after taking care of all your details at the Lodging and Mobility Office and after your registration as an Erasmus student, it's necessary to obtain an authorization to stay in our country for more than 90 days.

For that purpose, all students from the European Union need to go to the responsible department of your Portuguese residence area in order to get the "Certificate of Registration of Community Citizen".

If you live in Almada, please present yourself in Câmara Municipal de Almada, in Rua Trigueiros Martel, nº 1, Almada,  from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.

If you live in Lisbon, you must go to Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, in Campo Grande, nº 25, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm.

It is necessary to take:

- ID Card, Passport;

- proof of enrolment (ask in our Office);

- certificate of address (issued by the Junta de Freguesia of your residence in Portugal) or our declaration - if you are living at the students’ residence;

- and 15,00 euros.

Students coming from outside the European Union, don't need to get this certificate, because they already have their Study Visa. If necessary, they should apply for visa extension, in the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF).

Please, pay attention carefully to the expiry date of your Study Visa. There are limits of absence from Portugal during the period of time stated in the Study Visa (for example, for a Study VISA of 1 year, the sum of all absences from Portugal cannot overrun 59 days).

To clarify anymore doubts about these matters, please contact directly the Foreigners Service – “Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras”, through the webpage .


Foreign License Plate Vehicles in Portugal

If you have a car with a foreign license plate in Portugal, for more than 30 days, it is compulsory for you to do its registration and to have the document called  Guia de Circulação.

If you don't have legalized your car in Portugal, you may be forced to pay a fee. In order to avoid such situation and to get the necessary document, it is very important and urgent that you go to the following office

Alfândega do Jardim do Tabaco, in Lisbon. 

This office is close to Santa Apolónia Train Station and Casa dos Bicos.

For this issue you should have a declaration confirming that you are an Erasmus student at NOVA School of Science and Technology.


Changes in your plan of study
In case you need to change your approved plan of study you can do so by filling the form "During Mobility" and send to our Office by email. Don't forget to sign this form and to collect the signature of the responsible person for your acceptance. After receiving this document signed we will update your CLIP.
Deadline to do changes in the plan: 31st of October 2021.



If you are interested in extending your period of study at NOVA School of Science and Technology, beyond the leaving date first indicated, to do exams, new courses or a project, you will need to ask for the approval of your University.  The extension of the period of study must be allowed through a proper document signed and stamped by your (the student’s) Institution, beyond this you also need the approval of your Coordinator at NOVA School of Science and Technology.

This document must be handed to Lodging and Mobility Ofice two months before your first indicated departure date.

If your University doesn't have a proper document for this purpose, you may use our own (doc). 

After the approval of the extension of stay, don’t forget to assure accommodation for the new period.



At the end of their studies at NOVA School of Science and Technology, Erasmus students receive a certificate proving their success and classes’ attendance, containing information about all the attended subjects, as well as their examination results.

So, before leaving FCT, you must personally ask for the emission of:

  • Certificate of Attendance - confirming the duration of your studies at NOVA School of Science and Technology;
  • Transcript of Records (certificate with all the obtained grades);
  • If you have done the final project or Master thesis research you must ask your  NOVA School of Science and Technology’s supervisor to give you a declaration describing the work that you have done and if you have done it with success. This declaration must be presented at the Lodging and Mobility Office, in order to be stamped.

QUESTIONNAIRE TO FILL BEFORE LEAVING at the end of the mobility.

- Erasmus Students Final Questionnaire