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Information for incoming students and other visitors

Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia from Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FCT NOVA) is looking forward to receive you!

The Lodging and Mobility team prepared this information, so that you can have a pleasant stay in our Campus.

We sincerely hope it helps you!

TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS Travelling Europe 2010

 Travelling in Europe is the European Union’s (EU) official website for people travelling in the 27 countries of the EU. All what you need to know here.



Necessary documents to come to Portugal

If you are a citizen from the European Union (EU):

To come to Portugal EU nationals only need to have their identity card. If you want you can also bring your passport with you.
If you want to stay in Portugal longer than 3 months you will need to get a Residence Card (called "Cartão de Residência para Cidadão Comunitário"). For further details kindly check available information at paragraph “Authorization and Resident Permit”.

If you are a citizen coming from outside the European Union:

You must bring your passport with you. Please note that for citizens of some countries an entrance VISA is still required. We advise you to ask for information at the nearest Portuguese Embassy (Embassy information – República de Portugal – here).

Getting a Study VISA

EU nationals DO NOT need a VISA. They just need to present ID card or Passport.
Non EU nationals need a Study VISA to enter Portugal. Please, get more information at your University or at the nearest Portuguese Embassy/Consulate namely which steps you need to take before leaving your country. More information available at paragraph “Authorization and Resident Permit”.

For further details please visit the webpage of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs where you can find many informations as “Portugal for Foreigners”: 

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If you need a place to stay, the Lodging and Mobility Office can help you too.

For the first days you can stay:

At the Youth Hostels near FCT NOVA at Almada, located in Lisboa Region. All the details here.

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At Hotels and others establishments:
For further details please visit the official site of Turismo de Portugal here and search for Almada (looking for Accommodation use the search engine).

Then with the help of this Office you can look for accommodation for the rest of your stay.

You may also try to make an application for a room at the Students' Residence.
The accommodation request will be attended by arrival order.

If you are an Erasmus student (other IMPORTANT information for Erasmus students in this page).
- This request only will be valid after the reception of all application documents by the Lodging and Mobility Office;
- You must send the Accommodation Form together with all the other Erasmus documents.

If you are Other Visitor:
Please ask to your contact person how you can get accommodation.
(Do not forget to try the Student’s Residence too)

To know what documents you need please visit this website.

Lodging at private offers nearby Campus: private bedrooms and apartments for rent at You must contact DIRECTLY THE OWNER.

Very Important notes concerning Student’s Residence


“Fraústo da Silva” Halls of residence

- The resident who stays for more than 4 months in the Dormitory will be obliged to pay a caution in the value of one monthly payment to be deposited in a bank account indicated in the “Avisos” (News) of the SASUNL, in Caixa Geral de Depósitos agency. This is to cover any damages or disappearance of equipment and also to cover costs with the fixing and cleaning of the installations occupied by the resident.

- The caution will be refunded upon leaving the Dormitory. For this purpose the resident is required to obtain a document from the person responsible for the Dormitory stating the conditions and hygiene of the equipment and installations occupied by the resident.  The withdrawal of the whole or part of the referred caution can be made at an agency of Caixa Geral de Depósitos upon the presentation of a check provided by the SASUNL

- The housing during the period of Summer vacation (the month of August) will only be authorized upon formal solicitation by the resident until the 30th of June of each year and after analysis of the reasons for which it is being solicited. The resident is obliged to pay a different monthly payment than the one specified on the price list in practice for that school year and which is annually subject to dispatch.

- Temporary Accommodation and “Summer Accommodation”: Students' Residences of Universidade Nova de Lisboa are open to national and foreign students.  The accommodation request must be, at least, for 2 nights.

Find general rules, accommodation contract, request form and price, here.

Other possibilities for finding accommodation

  • The "International Student Accommodation Network" offers you the possibility to register to obtain information about accommodation in the country you are going to. For this purpose please check this website.
  • In the website of “Erasmus Lisboa Association” you can find accommodation in Lisbon. (+ info) (Please note that FCT NOVA is not responsible for the content and the veracity level of the information available in these two websites)
  • Useful information that may help you during your study period in Portugal can be found at
  • Lodging at private offers nearby Campus: private bedrooms and apartments for rent at You must contact DIRECTLY THE OWNER.


Portuguese Language Course (Curso de Língua Portuguesa) Bandeira PT

Please be aware that all courses will take place in another UNL’s  Faculty, the Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas, in Lisbon, at Av. de Berna, nº 26 C (near Praça de Espanha).

There are two possibilities to learn Portuguese at UNL:

By Summer Courses:
These take place during the month of July and are intensive Portuguese Language and Culture Courses with different levels of attendance. To get more information about prices, ECTS and other important aspects please visit the site referred below.

By Portuguese Language Course:
Starting at the beginning of each semester with classes two times a week all semester long. This Portuguese Language Course corresponds to 4 ECTS. The registration should be made after your arrival.
Price: It cost 50,00€ for Socrates/ Erasmus students. If you are in another situation please verify the cost applicable in the site referred below.



Authorization/ Resident Permit

Information just for students:

Students coming from EU:
When you arrive in Portugal, after taking care of all your details at the Lodging and Mobility Office and after your registration as FCT NOVA’s student it's necessary to obtain an authorization to stay in our country within 90 days after your arrival. A month after your arrival we will give you all the details. Don’t worry about that because we will take care of this with you.

Students coming from outside the EU don't need to get this Resident Permit because they already have their Study Visa and Passport.
Please pay careful attention to the expiry date of your Study Visa. There are limits of absence from Portugal during the period of time stated in the Study Visa (for example, for a Study VISA of 1 year, the sum of all absences from Portugal cannot overrun 59 days).
To clarify anymore doubts about these matters, please contact directly the Foreigners Service – “Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras”, through the telephone +351-21- 7115000 or consult this webpage.

For other visitors:

It depends on the length and the purpose of your visit. Please do not forget to have a contact person at FCT NOVA. It will be easier for you.



When arriving at FCT 

After your arrival at FCT/ UNL you must present yourself directly to the person you had contacted before your departure or at Divisão Académica, SAE - Área de Acolhimento e Mobilidade.

If you are an Erasmus student (do not forget other IMPORTANT information for Erasmus students mentioned above), we will provide you guidance and we will introduce you to your Departmental Coordinator. At the Academic Division you will get your registration on the chosen courses and receive a student’s number. Later our office will also give you a student card which entitles you to everything a Portuguese student is entitled to, such as: access to the canteens, libraries, documentation centres, e-mail account and Internet access as well as price reductions in books, concert tickets, museums, etc.

Some Useful Advices

Before your departure from your country you should have established contact with someone from FCT NOVA;

Try to arrive at a working day and during the working hours. It will be easier for you to contact people who can help you in case you have any problems.

Everyone in Portugal, no matter what nationality, is advised to carry always a copy of the identification card or passport. On police demand everyone has to prove the identity.

Before leaving your country do not forget:

According to the rules of each mobility Programme you should make sure you bring the following documentation:

- Identification (passport or identification card);
- Insurance Health for visitors outside European Union;
- European Health Insurance Card for medical assistance: just for people from the European Union’s 27 Member States plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland to access health care services during temporary visits abroad. All the detailed information here.
- Recent photographs in case you need (passport size).


More information about Almada City at the almadadigital site.

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For further details about visiting Portugal and in particular Almada City please visit the official site of Turismo de Portugal and search for Almada (looking for specific information about Portugal use their search engine). 

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