Distance learning and telework // Contingency Plan

Following the suspension of face-to-face classes, as a measure to combat the spread of COVID-19, The NOVA School of Science and Technology implemented, with the commitment of the entire academic community, professors, staff and students, the necessary means to guarantee distance learning, which have been running successfully since last March 12th.


RTP highlights NOVA School of Science and Technology in distance learning


Having suspended all events, teleworking is privileged as an exceptional measure to guarantee support to students and all the Faculty's employees. This measure additionally allows maintaining a connection with society. 

The NOVA School of Science and Technology carefully monitors the developments related to COVID-19, with particular attention to the Government's recommendations on the measures to be implemented in the context of teaching, research, and social impact activities.


Specific measures for the NOVA School of Science and Technology community:

1. The central services should minimize the physical presence and promote teleworking, without jeopardizing the quality of the service and the response capacity, in order to guarantee the functioning of the minimum services, defining each manager the minimum resources needed to remain physically.

2. In this manner, it was determined to reduce the teams of the different services to the minimum presence necessary for their operation, giving priority to the use of available digital media procedures;

3. The minimum attendance required was identified by the different services, ensuring on a rotating basis the presence in the campus, possibly with reduced hours, ensuring that people with school-age children or belonging to risk groups (higher risk of illness) have priority in the assumed option.

4. The adoption of the remote work model implies that each employee guarantees their accessibility so that, in the event of their intervention (or possible presence), there is a readiness to respond to requests.

5. In case of need and with the authorization of each manager, each employee may bring their work computer and necessary accessories to be able to perform the assigned functions assigned.

6. With regard to the departments' services, they should follow the same guidelines as mentioned in the previous point, being the responsibility of the respective Presidents the definition and adoption of the most appropriate measures to ensure the respective functionalities.

7. With regard to students, guidance should be reinforced (by teachers) so that they remain (or return to) at home. Students staying in university residences must follow the guidelines issued by the SAS.

8. Technological solutions to support distance learning are ongoing and there is a positive dynamic of widespread adherence at school, so this model of non-face-to-face classes is operational. It is emphasized that support for this measure is being ensured and that a permanent support picket will be made available.

9. In view of the adoption of distance learning modality, there will be flexibility to analyze other evaluation formats.

10. Laboratory work should be maintained only in the context of fundamental maintenance of its functioning.

11. With regard to meetings and juries to be held, they should take place in a distance format, supported by technological solutions made available for remote education or others considered appropriate by those responsible for these acts. Academic tests for masters, doctorates and aggregations already scheduled may be postponed by decision of the juries, as long as conditions permit.

12. Regarding the occurrence registration, this is in progress and ensured by the Technical Support Division (DAT), which must be continued in accordance with the Contingency Plan.

13. With regard to the Faculty's security services, the terms of the current contract will remain.

14. For security reasons, all NOVA School of Science and Technology buildings will be closed to students, with the exception of those who are carrying out research work leading to master's or doctoral theses, with the authorization of the President of the respective department. Access will continue to be permitted in the manner practiced on weekends and vacation periods.



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