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Research highlights

2014/15 ERC Grants

"Electronic" cellulose

Imagine waking up sick. The doctor’s business card can reveal the truth. When putting the tongue in contact with it a small blue dot appears next to the word “flu”. You notice that the phone number that was originally black is now displayed in blinking red letters, meaning a message has been sent to him.This project aims to contribute to turn this scenario real, making cellulose a real “electronic” material, which will result in a new class of low cost, recyclable / disposable electronic devices.

How nose sensors are being used to fight antimicrobial resistance

Development of bioinspired nose sensors for identification of bacterial infections, decreasing microbial detection and identification from hours to seconds.

Converting thermal and photonics energy into electrical energy

Gather, in a single substrate, solar cells, thermoelectrics and capacitor, to transform the natural heat and light in the environment into electricity, and to store it.