3rd Phase: 25th july to 28th august

Master Degrees

The market increasingly requires knowledge with a high degree of specialization. It is with this mission that the NOVA School of Science and Technology offers more than 30 Master's Degrees.
Our courses allow you to guarantee a differentiating position in the job market and ensure above-average levels of professional success. Many count on the collaboration of other organic units as well as of recognized national and international institutions.

Scientific Areas

Agro-industrial Technology

Applied Social Sciences

Biomaterials and NanoMedicine

Biophysics and Biochemistry


Chemical and Biological Engineering

Chemistry and Green Chemistry

Civil Engineering

    Clean Energy

    Conservation, Restoration and Art

      Electrical and Computer Engineering

      Environmental Sciences and Sustainability

      Food Technology

        Geological Engineering and Paleontology


        Materials Sciences and Nanotechnologies

        Mathematics and Applications

        Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering and Management

        Physics Engineering and Biomedical Engineering

        Applications 2022/23


        Applications for "pre-Bologna" graduates

        For information on special applications for a Master's degree for holders of a Pre-Bologna degree, see the Applications for "pre-Bologna" graduates page.

        Required Documents for online application

        Students from a national or EU Member State

        1. Identity Card/Passport or Citizen Card;
        2. Certificate of qualifications detailing the obtained classifications, duly authenticated (*) ; if you do not have the final average certificate in the application period, attach a certificate for all curricular units completed so far;
        3. Curriculum vitae;
        4. Photography.

        International students

        International Student is a student who does not have Portuguese nationality, who is not a national of a Member State of the European Union, or others who have not legally resided in Portugal without interruption for more than 2 years, not including the period of residence with authorization for this purpose. from residence to study.

        For more details, see Decree-Law nº 36/2014 of 10 March.

        Detailed information available at www.studyinportugal.edu.pt

        1. Personal identification document, which expressly states the candidate's nationality;
        2. Declaration, under commitment of honor, that the candidate does not have Portuguese nationality and is not covered by any of the conditions that, according to the International Student Statute (nº 2 of article 3 of Decree-Law nº 36/2014, of 10 of March) do not confer the status of International Student, translated into Portuguese or English, provided that it is not issued in Portuguese, English, French or Spanish; (model declaration: PT; EN)
        3. Certificate of qualifications detailing the obtained classifications, duly authenticated (*) ; if you do not have the final average certificate in the application period, attach a certificate for all curricular units completed so far.
        4. Curriculum vitae;
        5. Photography;
        6. Certificate of residence issued by the country where the candidate is living (*);

        (*) Documents must:

        - be translated into Portuguese or English, provided they are not issued in Portuguese, English, French or Spanish;

        - endorsed by the consular service or presented with the Hague Apostille, issued by the competent authority of the State where the document originates.

        Payment of application fee (non-refundable)

        Value: 51 Euros/each application submitted.

        Payment with MB Way, ATM reference and Bank card (Visa or MasterCard).

        The ATM reference period for the payment of an application fee is 7 days from the day the candidate submitted his application and the ATM reference request can only be made up to the day before the payment deadline. Unpaid applications will be automatically excluded. See here how to pay application fees. The application process will only be evaluated if applicants have paid the application fee.

        Dissemination of results

        By email, sent directly to the candidates. As the Masters Coordinators carry out the placement of those selected, these will receive an automatic message with all the necessary information. Those not placed will also be notified electronically by the Coordinators.

        Knowledge Accreditation

        Accreditation of academic, professional or acquired knowledge and skills may be requested by interested parties, upon registration.

        Custos da creditação de conhecimentos (conforme tabela de emolumentos da UNL)

        Regulamento de creditação de conhecimentos da FCT-UNL

        Regulamento Geral dos Ciclos de Estudos Conducentes ao Grau de Mestre da FCT-UNL

        School insurance

        €1.40 (this amount is subject to an annual update, to be announced in due course)


        Applications Enrollment Results

        1st Phase

        15th february to 15th march

        until 25th march

        2nd Phase

        1st june to 12th july

        until 22nd july

        3rd Phase

        25th july to 28th august

        until 7th september

        NOTE: International students (outside Europe) are not recommended to apply for Phase 3 due to delays in obtaining a visa.

        Acceptance rate for 2nd Cycle courses

        Successful applicants will have to pay (within a maximum of 7 consecutive days from the date of placement) a non-refundable fee (see value in the Notice or on the course page), to be deducted, after enrollment, from the total tuition fee. Failure to pay within this period implies the automatic exclusion of the candidate. No exceptions or late payments are considered. Any late payment will not be refunded, the candidate being excluded.

        Brazilian applicants (how to obtain a student visa)


        If you have questions about a particular course, please contact the respective Coordinator (email address included in the information about each course, listed above).
        If you have general questions about the 2nd cycles, please contact div.a.mestrados@fct.unl.pt