About FCT

About FCT

Campus map



Building I
Office of the Dean
Management Council
Scientific Council
Pedagogical Council
Academic Division
Financial Resources Division
Human Resources Division
Advanced Training Support Division
Planning and Quality Management Division
Office of the Dean – Support Services / Alumni and Fundraising Office
Office of the Dean – Support Services / Legal Support Unit
Office of the Dean – Support Services / Contracts Unit
Department of Physics
Staff Bar


Building II
Department of Materials Science
Department of Informatics
NOVA LINCS - NOVA Laboratory for Computer Science and Informatics


Building III
Computing Division
Students and Graduates Support Office / Office of Vocational and Psychology Counseling
General Support Office


Building IV
Academic Acts Room
Fab Lab


Building V
Auditorium Caixa Geral de Depósitos 


Departmental Building
Department of Chemistry
Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Department of Conservation and Restoration
Department of Life Sciences
Department of Science and Technology of Biomass
“Espaço Mais” Bar


Building VII
Pedagogical Complex
Department of Mathematics
Department of Applied Social Sciences
“Espaço Mais” Bar


Building VIII
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


Building IX
Department of Civil Engineering
Department of Earth Sciences


Building X
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Building VI
Madan Parque




Hangar I
Students' Union 
"Tanto Faz" bar
Hangar II
Inventory Section
Hangar III
Vicarte - Glass and Ceramic for the Arts Research Unit


“Tia” Bar
“c@mpus.come” Restaurant
“My Spot” Bar


Main entrance






Center of Excellence of the Environment Building
Partnerships and Monitoring Division
Technical Support Division/ Maintenance and General Services Section
Technical Support Division/ Physical and Environmental Planning Section
Technical Support Division/ Health, Safety and Security Section
Communication and External Relations Division
Events and Special Projects Division
Students and Graduates Support Office / Training, Internships and Professional Insertion Unit


Building XI


Day Care Center


Library Building
Documentation and Culture Division
Office of the Dean – Support Services / Research and Innovation Accelerator

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