PhD in Mechanical Engineering


PhD in Mechanical Engineering

The program of PhD in Mechanical Engineering (DEM) was first offered in the academic year 2008/2009 and awards the degree of Doctor of Engineering Mechanics with the approval of the doctoral thesis. The typical duration is 3 years at full time (180 ECTS), with only 3 ECTS of the curricular component.


The PhD Programme in Mechanical Engineering has adopted the guiding principles and objectives underlying the integration into the European Higher Education Area. The aim is thus to train doctors in Mechanical Engineering that may show:

  • Knowledge of science in Mechanical Engineering;
  • Competencies, skills and research methods associated with these fields of science;
  • Ability to design, deploy, adapt and carry out significant research in compliance with requirements imposed by the standards of academic quality and integrity;
  • Having performed a significant amount of original research that has contributed to the expansion of the frontiers of knowledge, some of which deserve disclosure national or international publications with the selection committee;
  • Be able to critically analyze, evaluate and synthesise new and complex ideas;
  • Being able to communicate with their peers, academic community and society at large over the area of specialization;
  • Being able, in a knowledge-based society, to promote the academic or professional qualification, technological progress, social or cultural.




Day and tutorial system

Tuition fee

Portuguese students: 2 750 Euros/ year

Foreign students: 2 750 Euros/ year


1st phase: 27th April to 16th July
2nd phase: 30th august to 29th october


Entrance requirements for the 2021/2022 academic year

Vacancies for 2021/2022:


Admission rules:

To be admitted in the doctoral program, the candidate must meet the conditions established by national legislation, by UNL’s and FCT NOVA’s regulation, and meet at least one of the following conditions:

a) Hold a master's degree, or legal equivalent, obtained at a national or foreign institution in the field of Engineering or in an area recognized as suitable by the Scientific Committee of the program. The candidate should have a minimum final grade of fourteen values ​​(or equivalent in ECTS scale) in these study cycles;

b) Have an undergraduate degree and hold a particularly relevant academic or scientific curriculum that is recognized as such by FCT NOVA’s Scientific Council thus attesting the capacity to accomplish this study cycle;

c) Hold an academic, scientific or professional curriculum that is recognized by FCT NOVA’s Scientific Council as attesting the capacity to accomplish the PhD.

2. Recognition referred to in subparagraphs b) and c) of paragraph 1 of this Article:

a) Will be based on recommendations issued by two professors or PhD researchers, considered experts in the concerned scientific field and appointed by the Scientific Committee of this doctoral program;

b) Does not grant its holder the equivalence to the bachelor's degree or master or his recognition.

3. The entry in this PhD program is conditional and depends on the approval by FCT NOVA’s Scientific Council of the proposal to accept the application, submitted by the Scientific Committee of the Doctoral Program in Mechanical Engineering.


Application Process Documentation:

Qualifications certificate listing the obtained grades

Curriculum Vitae

Statement of Intent (Letter of Intent) in which the candidate explains why he/she is interested in doing this PhD program;


Curriculum vitae assessment, taking particular account of the academic component in the specific area of the course, the recommendations and the eventual interview.

Course coordinator:

Professor Telmo Jorge Gomes dos Santos

Registration and Accreditation


Registration number R/A-Ef 3074/2011 on 18/03/2011


Publication date of the accreditation decision: 25/07/2014

for 6 years

About the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

The Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (DEMI) is a permanent organic unit of NOVA School of Science and Technology, devoted to education, to basic and applied scientific research and to providing services in the areas of Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. The DEMI offers two integrated masters (Industrial Engineering and Management, Mechanical Engineering), four masters (Industrial Engineering and Management, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Welding Engineering), two doctoral programs and several post-graduations.

Currently the DEMI has 38 teachers and 5 staff elements. The teachers of the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering collaborate with various public and private institutions, particularly in developing research projects in scientific and technological areas relevant to Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

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