Result of 2015 PIPP Projects - Partnership between DELPHI and FCT


The Students of the Integrated Master Degree in Materials Engineering  João Pinheiro, Volodymyr Ulyanovsky, André Jeremias, and of the Integrated Master Degree in Micro and Nanotechnologies, João Crespo completed with great success and satisfaction the "Program of Introduction to Professional Practice - PIPP" at the DELPHI company in the fields of Engineering and Operations.

The Department of Materials Science (DCM), under FCT’s New Curriculum Profile and in the framework of the partnership established between DELPHI and the Faculty of Science and Technology, provided an internship for  four students in this company. These internships aim to offer students, in the course of their education, the opportunity to have a first contact with the world of work.

At the end of the internship, the company forwarded to DCM and to the Faculty great satisfaction regarding the professional potential of these students, finding them already motivated and trained to participate in projects identified by DELPHI as opportunities for improvement in the areas of Engineering and Operations.

Our many thanks to the internship supervisors at DELPHI, José Lebre, António Fialho and Bruno Lopes and also to DELPHI'S representative of the Human Resources and Communications Office,  Rita Francisco. The relevant part of the message transmitted by DELPHI to the faculty is the following one:

"Results like this demonstrate the Passion for Excellence of the elements integrating our team (DELPHI), tapping the potential of graduates that willing to give their best, testing and demonstrating their knowledge, respond to projects identified by the company as improvement opportunities in our Engineering and Operations areas."