Soft Skills for Science and Technology


Soft Skills for Science and Technology

The FCT Curricular Profile is materialized by a set of crosscutting to all courses (Bachelor and Master) and is a hallmark of the FCT NOVA. Students of 1st year 2015/16 ended on February 18, 2016 the course of "Soft Skills for Science and Technology" (CTCT). Thus, they acquired new skills in areas as diverse as the: preparation of your CV and awareness of its enrichment, time management, teamwork and leadership, advanced use of spreadsheets, searching and analysis of references and communication in Science and Technology.



CTCT photo Class 


Preparation of oral presentations and posters related scientific topics 


Communication of Science and Technology: Communication skills in public


 Examples of famous speeches. Presentation of oral communications and posters related to the themes chosen for work


Drawing up a poster, there's always some last minute questions 


Group activities encourage students to discuss their ideas and achieve consensus position to present to the class


After the presentations by colleagues, it is time to use the grading scale to find the winning submission in accordance with the opinion of each group


 In CTCT class closure  - Your opinion about CTCT in a post-it!

FCT NOVA testimony of students who made the course of CTCT


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