FCT NOVA with charging stations for electric vehicles to operate from July 1


After July 1 2019 it becomes possible to charge electric vehicles at FCT NOVA.

FCT NOVA, through an initiative of the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering and with the support of the Environmental Fund, acquired two semi-fast charging stations, with a total of 4 outlets, dedicated to the loading of electric vehicles.

The stations were installed next to the Environment Excellency Center Building and are properly marked, being intended exclusively for the parking of electric vehicles in charge.

The charging of vehicles at these stations is accessible to any FCT NOVA user. Students wishing to charge their electric vehicle on campus should request access to the Technical Support Division (DAT), by email at

The cost associated to the operation is 0.03 € / min and the instructions for use can be found here. The stations also include the contacts for information requests and support of the network (808 916 624 or For the maintenance of the stations the users should send an email to DAT.