NOVA is in the Top 4 in Europe among young universities in the Times Higher Education teaching rankings


Times Higher Education 2019

NOVA University Lisbon is in the top 4 in Europe among young universities according to the Times Higher Education (THE) Teaching rankings published on July 4th.

At the national level NOVA leads this ranking which evaluates the teaching and learning environment that higher education institutions offer their students, with the particularity of being largely based (45%) on the results of a survey carried out among students.

The indicators are organized into four pillars: engagement, resources, outcomes and environment. Students gave feedback on topics such as interaction with teachers, quality of institution services, gender balance between teachers and students, opportunities to develop skills that prepare them for a post-university career, multicultural environment and mobility, among others.

NOVA stands out in the indicators related to the "environment" component that includes gender balance between teachers and between students, the proportion of international students and students’ participation in international exchange programs.

According to the Vice-Rector, Professor João Amaro de Matos "over the years NOVA has invested in internationalization in order to promote a multicultural environment in the classroom and in education, increasing the number of Master's degrees and undergraduate degrees taught in English. This strategy has made it possible to attract students from different geographies and cultures. Moreover, NOVA has developed a network of business and academic partners that facilitate the connection to the labour market and the placement of students at national and international levels.”


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