The impact of climate change on cultural heritage


 São Cristóvão church

The NOVA School of Science and Technology's research on the impact of climate change on cultural heritage, developed by Fernando Henriques, Guilherme Coelho and Hugo Silva from the Department of Civil Engineering, made the news on the well-known site “American Adventures in Preservation”.

The work wants to solve problems in the material preservation of culture heritage. Museum pieces are subject to deterioration depending on the conditions under which they are stored, whether or not they are displayed or archived. Also, sometimes the building itself is a cultural heritage site.

The study, published last December in the prestigious scientific journal “Journal of Global Warming”, has modeled various climate change scenarios to see how weather conditions might affect a building such as Lisbon’s historic church of Saint Christopher .

The article was also mention in two more important US sites, at Phys.Org and at  Longroom.