Maria Paula Diogo participates in the European Branch of the World Humanities Report


Maria Paula Diogo

Maria Paula Diogo, professor in the Department of Applied Social Sciences (DCSA) at NOVA School of Science and Technology and researcher at the Centro Interuniversitário de Histórias das Ciência e da Tecnologia (Interuniversity Center for Histories of Science and Technology -CIUHCT), participates in the “European Branch of the World Humanities Report.

The text “How Do We See the Role and Relevance of Humanities in the Contemporary World?”, co-authored with Ana Simões, is the only one by Portuguese researchers that integrates the report that prioritizes the research in the area of humanities for the 21st century.

The World Humanities Report, supported by UNESCO, is a tool to better understand and reflect the contributions of the Humanities to knowledge and society in a world increasingly shaped by science and technology.

The participation in this report highlights the excellence of research carried out in the area of the History of Science and Technology in DCSA and CIUHCT.