NOVA School of Science and Technology will lecture courses in Cairo


The Environmental, Engineering and Industrial Management and Mathematics Applied to Risk Management courses at the NOVA School of Science and Technology will also be taught in Cairostarting in the 22/23 school year.

The recent agreement between the government of Portugal and the government of Egypt, signed on June 11, guarantees accreditation in Portuguese academic training and allowed for the development of the NOVA Cairoinitiative that is being designed since 2018.

NOVA Cairo is a pilot project that aims to complement the educational offer that the University of Coventry already offers, with new training courses promoted by NOVA School of Science and Technology, NOVA SBE and NOVA IMS.

In addition to the Dean of the NOVA School of Science and TechnologyVirgílio Cruz Machado, the Ambassador of Egypt, the Rector of NOVA, the Dean of NOVA SBE and the Dean of NOVA IMS were present in the preparatory meeting for the signing of the protocol, held at NOVA SBE.