Maria Pereira wins "Excellent Poster Presentation Award" at MEMRISYS 2021


Maria Pereira, PhD student of the Doctoral Program in Nanotechnologies and Nanosciences, received the "Excellent Poster Presentation Award" at the 4th International Conference on Memristive Materials, Devices & Systems (MEMRISYS 2021, Japan).

The winning work "Tailoring Resistive Switching Characteristics of IGZO-based Memristive Devices for Artificial Deep Learning Neural Networks" was supervised by Asal Kiazadeh, and co-supervised by Pedro Barquinha, both members of the Department of Material Sciences, CENIMAT and CEMOP.

MEMRISYS 2021 brought together experts and allowed the creation of a forum for the presentation and discussion of current developments in memristive technologies, technologies that open a new paradigm of fusion between digital and analog.