CO2: a trillion dollar market


Volker Sick, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan, will be in the NOVA School of Science and Technology Library Auditorium, on the 23rd of May at 14:00, under the agreement established between the FCT NOVA Library and American Corner Portugal.

The highly regarded engineer has been at the forefront of research in accelerating deployments of CO2 utilization technologies that will innovate existing infrastructure and manufacturing processes, thereby finding sustainable decarbonisation solutions to help tackle the climate crisis.

The Professor and researcher will present the lecture “Steps into a Trillion Dollar CO2-Products Market”, where he will explain how decarbonization can become a profitable market, paying special attention to technical, social, political and economic challenges.

Author of numerous publications in both peer reviewed and popular periodicals, his most recent awards and honors include the Royal Society of Chemistry Spiers Memorial Lecture Award (2021), DTE Energy Professor of Advanced Energy Research (2019), President's Award for Distinguished Service in International Education (2018). He is a Fellow of SAE International (2007) and Fellow of The Combustion Institute (2018).

Arthur F. Thurnau Professorships are awarded annually to tenured faculty who have made outstanding contributions to undergraduate education at the University of Michigan and who have had a demonstrable impact on the intellectual development and lives of their students.

The lecture will also be streamed on the link (Meeting ID: 891 1513 2619 | Access Password: 671058)

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