VICARTE brings together 32 national and international artists in Marinha Grande


“A persistência da matéria: 20 anos VICARTE

Within the scope of the celebrations for the 20th anniversary of the VICARTE research unit, the exhibition “The persistence of matter: 20 years VICARTE” will be inaugurated on the 21st of May, from 4 pm, at the Contemporary Art Center of the Glass Museum, in Marinha Grande .

The exhibition includes the participation of 32 national and international artists who developed, at a certain point in their artistic career, creative and/or scientific research at VICARTE.

The exhibition features works by Amélie Girard, Ana Margarida Rocha, Belém Uriel, Carissa Baktay, Daniela Pinheiro, Emma Haase, Ellmira Abolhasani, Fernando Quintas, Fernanda Guerreiro, Helena Elias, Inês Teles, João Gama, Joana Garcia, Jörg Hanowski, Kojiro , Lola Sementsova, Maria Regina, Maria Renée Morales Lam, Maria Bezulgaya, Margarida Alves, Marta Castelo, Michael Rogers, Nadia Frolova, Regina Lara, Renato Japiassú, Richard Meitner, Robert Wiley, Rozze Domingues, Pedro Fortuna, Teresa Almeida, Vírginia Fróis and Zofia Dubová.

This initiative is the result of a partnership between the research unit, the Municipality of Marinha Grande and the Glass Museum and is part of the celebrations of the International Year of Glass.

The 20 years of VICARTE have been celebrated with lectures, exhibitions and other initiatives during 2022.