Swearing-in Ceremony of the Board of the Dean and Presidents of the Departments


Tomada de Posse Direção e Presidentes de Departamento

Last September 28th the Swearing-in Ceremony for the Board of the Dean and of the Presidents of the Departments took place at the NOVA School of Science and Technology Library.

The Dean's Office is composed by:

  • Professor José Paulo Santos, Subdirector for the Scientific Council;
  • Professor  Carla Quintão, Subdirector for the Pedagogical Council;
  • Professor  Eurico Cabrita, Deputy Director for Innovation and Research;
  • Professor  Carlos Manuel Chastre Rodrigues, Subdirector for Campus and Infrastructures.

The new Department Presidents are:

  • Professor  João Paulo Miranda Ribeiro Borges, Chair of the Department of Materials Science; Apesar de não estar incorreto, ninguém escreve assim em inglês. Geralmente não fazem distinção do grau e é tudo "Professor X". Nas situações em que fazem a distinção escrevem só Dr. X)
  • Professor Fernando José Cebola Lidon, Chair of the Department of Earth Sciences;
  • Professor Corneliu Cismasiu, Chair of the Department of Civil Engineering ;
  • Professor Maria Helena Silva Fino, Chair of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering;
  • Professor João Alexandre Carvalho Pinheiro Leite, Chair of the Department of Computer Science ;
  • Professor Ana Cristina Malheiro Casimiro, Chair of the Department of Mathematics;
  • Professor António Carlos Bárbara Grilo, Chairof the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering ;
  • Professor Susana Filipe Barreiros Barreiros, Chair of the Department of Chemistry ;
  • Professor Maria Paula Diogo, Chairof the Department of Applied Social Sciences;
  • Professor  Pedro Miguel Ribeiro Viana Baptista, Chair of the Department of Life Sciences;
  • Professor Maria da Graça Madeira Martinho, Chair of the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering;
  • Professor Jorge Alexandre Monteiro de Carvalho Silva, Chair of the Department of Physics;
  • Professor Márcia Gomes Vilarigues, Chair of the Department of Conservation and Restoration.

The Dean of FCT NOVA, José Júlio Alferes, congratulated all the new appointees, wishing them success, and took the opportunity to thank the outgoing Department Presidents for their high competence, commitment and dynamism. "With this team I believe we will be able to successfully respond to all the challenges of the forthcoming years", added the Dean.