FCT NOVA wins 1.25M euros to train highly qualified PhD students


In the lastest call for proposals for doctoral networks from Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions 2022 (MSCA), NOVA School of Science and Technology | FCT NOVA won three doctoral networks aimed at training highly qualified PhD students, developing their talents and enhancing  their long-term employability.

João Crespo, a researcher from LAQV and professor at the Department of Chemistry of FCT NOVA, was awarded two grants. "Mem-Fast" will conduct research and training activities, preparing ten future professionals to facilitate the use of membranes in the biorefining industry. "ChimSep" will establish an interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral network, with academic and industry partners, for research and training in chemical synthesis and membrane separation processes. The projects are expected to receive funding of €250,000 and €500,000 respectively.

The third grant, with an allocated budget of €500,000, was won by the international consortium "DurAMat", whose Portuguese coordination is led by of João Pedro Oliveira, a CENIMAT researcher and professor at the Department of Materials Science. This project will receive two PhD students to study the development of new materials for the functionalization of metallic surfaces through the use of additive manufacturing processes, artificial intelligence and advanced materials characterization.