8 NOVA FCT projects approved in the 3rd edition of the Advanced Computing Projects Tender by the Foundation for Science and Technology


The Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT, IP) has  recently announced the results of the 3rd edition of the Advanced Computing Projects Call, granting approval to eight projects affiliated with NOVA FCT.

The NOVA FCT projects will focus on the areas of atomic and molecular physics, electrical and electronic Engineering, biomaterials, chemical process engineering, evolutionary biology and biological sciences. The approved projects are:

  • Large scale calculations of atomic parameters for astrophysical spectral fitting using HPC - lead researcher: André Fernandes 
  • Calculation of Au Highly Charged Ions' Dielectronic Recombination Rates - lead researcher: Daniel Pinheiro
  • Bayesian Evidence Calculation for Strong Field QED tests with He-Like Ions - lead researcher: César Godinho
  • Automated Flat Circuit-Level Topology Generation -  lead researcher: Miguel Gomes
  • BioM2D: BioMaterials Molecular Dynamics for biopharmaceutical purification - feasibility study using HPC, - lead researcher: Arménio Barbosa
  • Improving and understanding membrane processes performance through CFD simulations-  lead researcher: Sylwin Pawlowski
  • Testing yeast genome assembly pipelines using long-read sequencing data - lead researcher: Ana Pontes
  • Multi-omic approaches to study evolution of domestication in non-conventional yeasts - lead researcher: Patrícia Brito

FCCN, the National Scientific Computing Unit of FCT, IP:, promotes the development of the of the National Advanced Computing Network (RNCA), encouraging cooperation between the various centres involved, and developing national and international partnerships with other entities. In this context, regular calls are held to provide technological support for advanced computing projects in all scientific domains. The RNCA was qualified in the National Roadmap of Research Infrastructures of Strategic Interest by the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education. 

Advanced computing is nowadays an essential tool for scientific, technological and economic development, so these results confirm the quality and dynamism of research at NOVA FCT.