NOVA FCT community once again contributes to the success of the National Food Bank campaign


1,755 tonnes of food were collected in the Nacional Food Bank's 45th campaign against hunger and the NOVA FCT community was an integral part of this success.

André Pereira, Asdrúbal Noronha, Beatriz Alves, Carolina Strecht Fernandes, Catarina Guerreiro, Clarisse Mourtada, Diana Pinho, Eduardo Fernandes, Elvira Coimbra, Francisco Peixoto, Gonçalo Ritto, Isabel Viciosa, Isabel Cabral, João Serrano, Jorge Parola, Luís Branco, Madalena Martins, Maria Teresa Viciosa, Mariana Gomes, Marina Marques, Miguel Milheiro, Simão Costa and Sofia Matos were the volunteers who ensured that more than 360,000 people with financial difficulties were supported.

‘I warmly thank the generosity and commitment of the 23 NOVA FCT volunteers, led by Miguel Milheiro (LEQB), students and collaborators, teaching and non-teaching staff, who, at a time of countless tests and tasks, offered their time and their smiles to extend a helping hand to those who live with their hands out,’ writes Madalena Dionísio, who organised the School's presence at the event.

This campaign took place over the weekend of 25 and 26 May and the next one is scheduled for December.