Arquivo de notícias de November de 2014

André Freitas, is part of the start-up "Near Us," which developed an application that recreates the concept of IRC, this time for "smartphone", based on the location of users and on walkie -talkies.


Professor José Paulo Santos, member of the Physics Departament of FCT-UNL, was elected “Deputy Spokesperson” of SPARC Collaboration associated to the FAIR Facility.


Applications are invited for a Research Fellowship (BI-Master) within the Project “M-ERA.NET/0010/2012 “Novos materiais vítreos borofosfatados dopados, sob a forma de nanopós e de filmes finos nanoestruturados, com relevantes propriedades ópticas e magnéticas para aplicação em fotónica” (MAGPHOGLAS)


Next 3 December around 15:30 FCT / UNL will receive in the Library Auditorium, the Presentation Session of COHiTEC, a training programme in commercialization of new technologies promoted by COTEC Portugal. Please register at


PPGA/UFPB will offer a postdoc scholarship within PNPD/CAPES.


Ana Marques, CENIMAT-i3N Research Fellow, was awarded last November 5, day on which the  Materials Day is commemorated, the 1st Honorable Mention given by the Portuguese Society of Materials.


The manuscript of the third part of the Secret of Fatima was examined this week at the Center for Atomic Physics, FCT-UNL, announced Wednesday the Sanctuary of Fatima, explaining that analyzes aimed at certification of the document.


Professor JL Capelo, Bioscope ( UCIBIO unit group in the Department of Chemistry - FCT / UNL, was awarded the status of Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, RSC, London. 


Two papers were awarded in the International Conference on Rehabilitation in Alcoitão, related with work developed by Professors Adelaide Jesus, Pedro Vieira and Claudia Quaresma and students from the MIEB, from the Physics Department