Arquivo de notícias de December de 2015

Professor Octávio Mateus at ‘’Ciência Viva’’ Christmas Conference

It was held at December 21 the fourth edition of the Christmas Conference organized by the "Ciência Viva". The speaker was Professor Octavio Mateus (FCT NOVA) "In the footsteps of the Dinosaurs" at the Teatro Dona Maria II.

Professor Virgílio Cruz Machado at the 40th anniversary of IAPMEI

IAPMEI celebrated its 40th anniversary at a ceremony which took place on 10 December. The major theme of this ceremony was 'New Challenges with Business '. Professor Virgílio Cruz Machado, Chairman of FCT NOVA’s Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and an expert guest of IAPMEI, presented the second of these major themes: "Training, knowledge and open innovation".

Professor Maria Luísa Mascarenhas honored during the "International Workshop on

It was in the context of the "International Workshop on Calculus of Variations and Applications its", held between 17 and 19 December at FCT NOVA, that the Faculty honored Professor Maria Luísa Mascarenhas of the Mathematics Department.

The sound of bronze: Virtual resurrection of a broken medieval bell

The bell from the church of S. Pedro de Coruche is recognised as the oldest bell in Portugal and is one rare surviving example of early bells cast during the 13th century. It was exhumed broken and incomplete from a crypt-ossuary in an archaeological excavation carried out near Lisbon.

Professor Octávio Mateus at the Altmetric Top100 2015

The paper published by the Professor Octavio Mateus, Department of Earth Science from FCT NOVA, is at the Altmetric Top100 2015.

Professor Rodrigo Martins Member of the LEIT-NMBP Advisory Group

Professor Rodrigo Martins Member of the Horizon 2020 Advisory Group of LEIT-NMBP.

FCT NOVA congratulates the Alumni Engineer Gonçalo Andrade (Director of the Clou

FCT NOVA congratulates the Engineer Gonçalo Costa Andrade by the assigned position.


FCT NOVA congratulates the Engineer Luís Sanches for the assigned job.

Vasco Ribeiro alumni FCT NOVA applies to an astronaut opportunity of a NASA prog

Engineer Vasco Ribeiro, alumni from the course of Geological Engineering FCT NOVA, is a candidate for a scientist-astronaut opportunity in the commercial program for the notilucentes clouds observing - Project Possum.

FCT NOVA students’ team wins "Energy Portugal 2015"

The team "Mater Dynamics", a student’s start-up composed by students from the MIT Portugal Program and from FCT NOVA won the acceleration program "Energy of Portugal 2015", project promoted by the newspaper "Express" and EDP, where they presented their product for the first time in public.