Arquivo de notícias de August de 2017

Professor Elvira Fortunato receives on September 20 the "Czochralski 2017 Prize"

Professor Elvira Fortunato will receive the "Czochralski 2017 Prize" in Warsaw on September 20, during the annual fall congress of the European Society for Materials Research.

Students from the Conservation-Restoration Department carried out conservation w

Students from the Department of Conservation and Restoration have carried out restoration work on two altars of the Monforte Church. 

Paulo Conceição present at Taipei 2017

Paulo Conceição, FCT NOVA  student, present at "Taipei 2017" for the competiotions of High Jump.


A call is open for a research grant to a non-doctoral researcher for the project 16NRM05 Towards a documentary standard for an ionisation vacuum gauge.