Arquivo de notícias de February de 2018

 CENIMAT-i3N researcher receives IAAM Scientist Medal

The International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM,, over 50,000 members from 139 countries, a prime organization in the field of Advanced Materials), awards Manuel João Mendes, researcher from CENIMAT-i3N, the prestigious IAAM Scientist Medal for the year 2018. 

Raquel Viveiros wins scholarship from the YERUN Research Mobility Awards

Raquel Viveiros, post-doctoral researcher at CleanMIPTech group from the Green Polymer Synthesis and Processing Laboratory at LAQV-REQUIMTE, has been awarded a YERUN Research Mobility Award. 

FCT NOVA paleontologists discover first fossils of placodonts known in Portugal

The first fossils in Portugal of placodonts, aquatic reptiles that lived and died about 220 million years ago, were found in Loulé by paleontologists of FCT NOVA.

Ana Sofia Santos awarded with Best Master Thesis in Organic Chemistry 2017

Ana Sofia Santos, Master student at MMMarques Lab [link:] (Organic Synthesis & Chemical Biology Group), has been awarded with the Portuguese Award for Best Master Thesis in Organic Chemistry 2017.

Student of the Integrated Master in Computer Science wins Prize

José Castanheira, student of the Integrated Master in Computer Science (MIEI) of FCT NOVA, won the Young Promise Award in the "Almada, land of arts and creativity" in the category of Young Talents Competition of the City of Almada.