Postgraduated Studies in Bioenergy


Postgraduated Studies in Bioenergy


High public and private investments are been made in Portugal in terms of energy production technologies from biomass and non-toxic waste, given the country's need to increase its energy production quotas from these sources. In this way, it is expected that in the coming years jobs will be created that require specific training in the area of energy production from biomass and waste. On the other hand, the current staff of companies that are active in the area of energy production from biomass and waste may need updated training in this area of activity.
The Post-Graduate Studies Course in Bioenergy aims to provide specialized training, suitable for the performance of activities in the market of industries and services for the production and management of energy from biomass and waste, namely: (a) Biomass; (b) Conversion processes and (c) Sustainability.
The Postgraduate Studies Course in Bioenergy is organized by the ECTS system.
The 15/18 ECTS must be obtained by completing three optional curricular units to be selected from a list of different curricular units. The 15/18 ECTS can be taken in one or two semesters.


Graduates will be able to carry out activities related to the production of biomass and energy-recoverable resources, in the forestry, agricultural and waste recovery sectors, as well as in the development of new biofuels. They will also be able to carry out specialized tasks in different sectors, such as Universities, Polytechnic Institutes, High Schools and Industry.


After-work hours or compact hours (semi-day, Thursday and/or Friday), particularly aimed at students who want to continue their academic and/or professional training in specific subjects and/or in a phased manner. The 15/18 ECTS can be taken in one or both semesters of the academic year.

Tuition fee

1250 €


1st june to 30th july 2022


Entrance requirements for the 2022/2023 academic year

Vacancies for 2022/2023:


Admission rules:

Holders of a Bachelor's degree, with a number of credit units equal to or greater than 180 ECTS in any area of Engineering, Natural Sciences or Exact Sciences, related areas or legal equivalent, obtained at a national or foreign institution.
Holders of an academic or professional curriculum that is recognized as attesting  the ability to carry out this course.


Academic education
Professional experience
Possible selection interview

Course coordinator:

Professor Ana Luísa Almaça da Cruz Fernando

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