FCT Curricular Profile

What is it?

It is a pioneering approach in the pedagogical implementation of  our courses: knowledge assessment became continuous and the school calendar now has a period between semesters (the Interim Period ) to provide the students with new skills

Who does it apply to?

To all BSc and MSc students

What are the advantages?

  • Increase the academic success rate
  • Expand the training horizon of students with essential skills for their personal and professional development
  • Facilitate the access to the job market


Workshop on Career Strategy and Design

March 6th

from 2.30pm to 5:30pm

Ágora Room 

What happens during the Interim Period?

Between January and February, Undergraduate and first-year Master's students have the so-called "Interim Period”, a period between semesters that is intended for curricular units relating to Complementary Skills and a wide range of training, cultural and sports activities.



Transversal Skills for Science and Technology (3 ECTS)

  • Preparation of Curriculum Vitae / Professional Interview
  • Communication in Sciences and Technologies (Reports)
  • Advanced use of Spreadsheet
  • Time management – ​​Teamwork
  • Bibliographic research and analysis of Information in Science and Technology
  • Ethics and deontology



Society, Sustainability and Digital Transformation (3 ECTS)

  • Understanding the contemporary techno-scientific world
  • How to think and act actively and critically in the face of the impacts of science and technology in today's society




Introduction to Scientific Research Program (3 ECTS)

Contact and collaboration with ongoing R&D projects of faculty members and researchers at NOVA FCT

Introduction to Professional Practice Program (3 ECTS)

Contact with the business reality close to the course area, internships, occasional work



Entrepreneurship (3 ECTS)

  • Awaken and promote students’ potential vocation for creating value from an idea
  • Basic training for new business development




Free Credits (6 ECTS)

Enrich training with skills from areas that are not included in the main focus of study


Personal Valuation

Training, cultural, artistic and sports activities promoted by NOVA FCT and the Students Association

Erasmus friendly semester

Most suitable semester for student mobility programs






"Including complementary training into the mandatory curricular structure proves to be extremely useful and an important contribution to creating opportunities to explore new tools, both in terms of scientific and technological knowledge and the relationships established between colleagues from various courses. We have shared experiences, difficulties, but also ways of working that are always useful.

For many of us, it is during this period that we stablish contacts with companies, laboratories, among others, more related to the area we study, and which can materialize, for example, through an internship.

The subject 'Transversal Skills for Science and Technology' allowed me to improve hard skills such as mastering Excel, creating a CV that meets the most demanding professional standards and stands out among the many that reach the Human Resources of companies, in addition to have given me a better understanding of the expectations associated with a job interview.

The soft skills developed were equally crucial, such as conscious communication and teamwork. In the subject 'Society, Sustainability and Digital Transformation', I hope to acquire knowledge that will be a vital complement to an engineering course, providing a more realistic perspective of the professional world of which we will soon be part. I feel that the Curricular Profile helps to broaden my horizons and is a significant step towards professional success."

António Canteiro
3rd year student of the Undergraduated Programme in Electrical and Computer Engineering



"NOVA FCT's Curricular Profile had a fundamental impact on my career. During my training in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, I never thought that the knowledge acquired in courses transversal to other courses, such as mathematical analysis, algebra, statistics, programming, business management and microbiology, would play an essential role in the activities I develop at AquaInSilico today. I also highlight the importance of the teachers at NOVA FCT who helped me to develop a strategic and analytical vision in problem-solving.

The entrepreneurship curricular unit played a fundamental role in the creation of AquaInSilico. It enhanced my skills on terms of working in a team and put me, for the first time, in contact with topics related to the creation and protection of intellectual property, risk mitigation, and the perception that a technology must solve a real problem and satisfy the needs of the industry. Researchers do not always have this perception and often get lost in scientific mechanisms. This experience proved to be fundamental when I was considering the creation of AquaInSilico."

Jorge Santos
Founder of AquainSilico, a company that had its origins in the NOVA FCT laboratories