About FCT

About FCT

Undergraduates Section


  • Carolina Rosa
  • Isabel Martins
  • Susana Pinto
  • ​Iolanda Vaz (apoio geral)​


Ensure all administrative procedures concerning the academic path of1st Cycle and Integrated Studies Cycles students:


a) To receive and instruct the application procedures for courses in which the Faculty has it liability is the Faculty;

b) To carry out the courses registration acts;

c) To ensure the information to students regarding all matters related to their academic career;

d) To ensure the students’ renovation of their registration process;

e) Guarantee the checking and control of the fees payment, including the management of special cases;

g) To receive and instructthe requests of extraordinary evaluation, por example those of Ad hoc grade improvement;

h) Check and make the registration of the academic record of students performed outside the Faculty;

i) Verifying compliance with the curriculum prior to the act of graduating;

j ) Search periodically completion of course situations and corresponding final grades;

k) Prepare the academic certificates requested by students, including diplomas, diploma supplements and course cerificates;

l) To receive, instruct and monitor the academic requirements of students;

m) To receive and register annual plans and curriculum offerings into force;

n) To ensure the attendance of students, candidates, teachers and external entities, by telephone, electronically and in person.



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Undergraduates Section
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