FCT NOVA hosts International "Physics of Highly Charge Ions" Conference


From September 3rd to 7th, FCT NOVA welcomes  the International "Physics of Highly Charge Ions" Conference (HCI 2018). This 19th edition of the international conference in the area of highly charged Ion Physics, will host 47 lectures and a specialized poster show. 

In recent years, the highly charged ion field has undergone a promising evolution, both in terms of the bold progress recorded in theory and the level of significant advances in experimental techniques.

This conference will bring together 200 renowned scientists from a wide range of areas, such as: Fundamental Aspects, Structure and Spectroscopy; Collisions with Electrons, Ions, Atoms and Molecules; Interaction with Clusters, Surfaces and Solids; Photon and Plasma Interactions;Strong and Ultrafast Field Processes;Production, Experimental Developments and Applications.