Europe invests 443 thousand euros in FCT NOVA research projects



FCT NOVA competed for the last call for funding from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) and achieved € 443,000 investment for nine projects by 2019, according to Jornal Económico.

The biggest share of the European funds goes to the "SuperSmart" project with 109,600 euros to develop a mechanism of direct printing sensors in paper, a process that allows to add digital information to physical objects. This research is done in partnership with the French industrial group Arkema.

"Phosphorce" is the second project with a funding of 80.1 thousand euros. The objective of this research, which brings together four more countries (Denmark, Poland, Germany and France), is the decrease of Europe´s dependence on  phosphate. Currently 92% of this material is imported and this research aims to find ways to recycle the material at the end of life.

The remaining 253,000 euros from Brussels will be distributed by Master programs to teach new methods of use and recycling of materials ("AMIR-RIS", "OpenYourMine", "Bioleach", "RM @ Schools 3.0"), PHD programs ("IDS-FunMat-Inno"), training programs for industry ("Extrachive") and by a community awareness program ("MineHeritage").

FCT NOVA is a partner of EIT Raw Materials, the largest consortium of raw materials in the world, with more than 120 partners.

 Learn more about the FCT NOVA Materials Science Department here.