Paula Videira awarded Tagus TANK research project in medicine prize


Paula Videira, leader of the Glycoimmunology lab at UCIBIO-NOVA and Professor at the Department of Life Sciences-FCT NOVA, received one of the five prizes to Research Projects in Medicine, under the alliance created in 2016 through the Tagus TANK - Tagus Academic consortium Network for Knowledge.

The project “Innovative Approaches to Target Tumor-Draining Lymph Nodes in Lung Cancer Patients” is led by António Bugalho, Pneumologist at CUF and Professor at NOVA Medical School, in collaboration with Paula Videira. The research project aims to study the lymph nodes when affected by cancer cells, in lung cancer patients. Lung cancer is one main causes of mortality worldwide and in Portugal and António Bugalho explains that this research project “will allow a better understanding of how to restrain the evolution of lung cancer and therefore an improvement on the survival and quality of life of people who suffer from it.”

Tagus TANK's "Research Projects in Medicine" prizes, worth 20,000 euros each, aim to promote and fund projects that stimulate the development of new lines of excellent medical research in the framework of collaboration between NOVA University Lisbon and José de Mello Saúde.

The first edition of this joint initiative awards projects in the area of breast and lung cancer, deafness in children, reduction of alcohol, tobacco and other substance use in young people, as well as the effects of video games on adolescent motricity.

The awards ceremony took place at the NOVA Medical School in Lisbon in the presence of João Sàágua, rector of NOVA, Salvador de Mello, Chairman of the Board of Directors of José de Mello Saúde, António Rendas, Chairman of the Awards Scientific Committee, and Virgílio Machado, FCT NOVA Dean.



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