NOVA School of Science and Technology prioritize practical laboratory classes


Aulas Laboratório

Two weeks after the end of the State of Emergency imposed by the measures to contain COVID-19, the NOVA School of Science and Technology (FCT NOVA) is already organizing the return to school.

“We have to ensure that a student who leaves FCT NOVA at this stage have the same skills as anyone who did it other than in a pandemic period,” explains Virgílio Cruz Machado, Dean of FCT NOVA.

The school's organizational work has as its main concern the return to practical laboratory classes that have always marked the teaching of the Faculty. “Now there is some limitation to physical presence, which has been reduced to a third, and they have to plan what they are going to do and return home to process the data. Planning is more demanding, but it is also more efficient. It is also an opportunity to change some habits, stop being just present and come to work on specific tasks ”, explains João Lima, Deputy Director for Research.

“During the time I was at home I was able to put some data in order and write things that I had been postponing for some time. I took the opportunity to review the data and the experiences I had done. Based on that, I plan work for the next times and what I come to do, trying to be here as little time as possible ”, says André Seco, a PhD student.