NOVA School of Science and Technology stands out in the Scientific Research and Technological Development Projects Contest


The NOVA School of Science and Technology has 16 scientific projects selected in the IC&DT Project Competition - Scientific Research and Technological Development Projects.

The contest launched by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) has a budget of 75 million euros and aims to cover all scientific areas in a transversal way, thus contributing to the consolidation and strengthening of the Scientific and Technological System (SCTN); increase the national and international competitiveness of science and technology and promote the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations.

In total, the tender considered 3317 applications eligible. Among these, 312 saw the recommendation for financing approved. The distinguished projects are distributed in the following scientific domains: Engineering Sciences and Technologies - 25.3%; Medical and Health Sciences - 17.6%; Natural Sciences - 17.9%; Social Sciences - 12.2%; Exact Sciences - 11.2%; Agricultural Sciences - 8.7% and Humanities - 7.1%.

Applications were evaluated by 33 evaluation panels, according to the respective scientific area. 503 foreign external evaluators participated in the evaluation. Among the classification criteria, the following stand out: the scientific merit and the innovative character of the project; the scientific merit of the research team; the feasibility of the work program and the contribution to the accumulation of knowledge and skills.

The initiative, which has an annual periodicity, is part of the set of major structural contests of FCT.

Know the winning projects of the NOVA School of Science and Technology in the list below:

Arts Evaluation Panel – 2020

  • Archaeology of colour: a comparative & interdisciplinary material culture study, on Portuguese Medieval & Modern polychrome sculpture, aims at unravelling the origins, evolution and significance of polychromy, plus its cultural webs within & beyond Europ | Maria Isabel Fernandes Pombo Cardoso 

Biological Sciences Evaluation Panel - 2020

  • Unravelling evolutionary physiology landscapes of coastal marine fauna under extreme temperatures using a multi-layer Systems Biology approach | Sara Carolina Gusmão Coito Madeira 
  • Harnessing comparative genomics to understand the role of horizontal acquired genes in the evolution of yeast metabolism | Paula Maria Theriaga Mendes Bernardo Gonçalves

Chemical Engineering Evaluation Panel - 2020

  • Design of tailored composite membranes for lithium recovery from brines and seawate| Sylwin Pawlowski 

Chemistry Evaluation Panel - 2020

  • Development of adjustable Silver @Silica nanocarriers and their stabilization in solid materials against drug resistant and non-resistant pathogenic bacteria. Towards advanced nano-antibiotics, wound dressing and anti-biofilm surfaces | Javier Fernández Lodeiro
  • Targeting human macrophage galactose C-type lectin towards the development of innovative and alternative cancer therapies | Filipa Margarida Barradas de Morais Marcelo 
  • 1Pot2Cat: One-pot bimetallic catalyzed synthesis of challenging N-heterocycles| Maria Manuel Martinho Sequeira Barata Marques
  • Organic Redox mediators for energy conversion | Paula Cristina de Sério Branco

Computer and Information Sciences and Informatics Evaluation Panel - 2020

  • RMulti-omic networks in gliomas| Marta Isabel Belchior Lopes

Environmental Biotechnology and Engineering Evaluation Panel - 2020

  • Bioelectrochemical system for CO2 mitigation | José João Galhardas Moura

Environmental Sciences Evaluation Panel - 2020

  • Assessing the self-sufficiency of natural resources at local scale as a driver for sustainability transition: the case of water-energy-food nexus | Maria Julia Fonseca Seixas

Experimental Biology and Biochemistry Evaluation Panel - 2020

  • Wired life - Exploring the unprecedented electron transfer paths revealed by bacterial electrically conductive filaments for bioenergy and bioelectronics applications | Carlos Alberto Gomes Salgueiro

History and Archaeology Evaluation Panel – 2020

  • The Chromatic Journey of the Portuguese Azulejo | Susana Xavier Coentro

Materials Engineering Evaluation Panel - 2020

  • Highly Efficient and Flexible Thin Film Crystalline Silicon - Perovskite Tandem Solar Cells | Hugo Manuel Brito Águas
  • All-Fibre Integrated Photovoltaic Storage Device for e-Textiles| Ana Catarina Bernardino Baptista
  • Identification Smart Paper - IDS-Paper| Rodrigo Ferrão Paiva Martins