NOVA School of Science and Technology project wins 3rd place in the IN3 + AWARD


"HIGHLIGHT", the project by the Nanophotonics team coordinated by Manuel J. Mendes, professor in the Department of Materials Science (DCM) and researcher at CENIMAT at NOVA School of Science and Technology, won the 3rd place in the IN3 + Prize, the most prestigious prize dedicated to innovation in Portugal.

This is NOVA School of Science and Technology's third project that reaches the podium of the IN3 + Prize, promoted by Imprensa Nacional - Casa da Moeda. In 2016, the “Papel Secreto” project, by Elvira Fortunato, professor and researcher at DCM, was the first winner. The following year, José Barata, professor and researcher at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, won the first place in the second edition with the “Atlas” project.

The distinguished work, now in 2021, focuses on nanotechnology with the development of an ink that allows manipulating light, providing the unique possibility of visible or invisible optical variation to the human eye. According to the creators, this product could be extremely useful to the anti-counterfeiting market, for example, to apply to all types of documents and security seals.

"We have recent cases of false tests or fake drugs against Covid-19, and that is what we want to stop", exemplifies for Público Manuel J. Mendes one of the several applications of the investigation.

The award ceremony was attended by the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister of Portugal.