Elvira Fortunato distinguished with the Executive Award "25 Most Influential Women in Portugal" - 2020


Elvira Fortunato, professor and researcher at the Department of Materials Science at the NOVA School of Science and Technology, was once more distinguished with the "25 Most Influential Women in Portugal" Award - 2020, promoted by the Executive magazine.

"I hope to be able to continue to positively influence in my specific area, that of scientific research, and I hope to have many girls following the path of Science in the future," says the researcher.

The sixth edition of the 'Most Influential Women of Portugal' awards ceremony took place last May 25, at Espaço Espelho d’Água, in Belém, Lisbon.

The only award in Portugal that recognizes the merit and power of women, distinguishing the 25 women who have stood out the most in business, politics, science, arts and culture, in the media or in justice, based on a study by journalist Filipe Fernandes , exclusively for the Executiva website.

The Executive distinguishes the women who stood out the most in our country in areas as diverse as Science, Politics, Communication, Economics, Arts or Sport.