Innovative “3D Printing for Healthcare” programme with open enrollment


The NOVA School of Science and Technology, announces the innovative programme ‘3D Printing for Healthcare: from the problem to the solution’, in partnership with the NOVA Medical School, FCT FabLab and with support of the company FAN3D. The four-day face-to-face course is a response to one of the fastest growing segments of innovation and specialty in the healthcare sector, 3D printing, and is especially thought for all healthcare professionals, who in their activity increasingly use additive manufacturing , namely orthopedists, neurosurgeons or physiatrists, among others.

Registration for the first edition is open and the course starts on September 30th.

'3D Printing for Healthcare: from the problem to the solution' is essentially a practical course, with the objective of following all the steps of a 3D printing, from data collection to model development, without forgetting the preparation of the model for printing and post processing. During the course, students will have practical classes at the FCT FabLab and will have the opportunity, during the project development phase, to execute a 3D part suitable for their area of ​​expertise.

Advances in 3D printing in healthcare are capturing attention in the healthcare field thanks to their potential to improve the treatment of numerous medical situations and allow the development of solutions according to the clinical and functional needs of each patient.

The course ‘3D Printing for Healthcare: from the problem to the solution’ demonstrates, through different case examples, how this technology can be adapted to each patient and is at the forefront of innovation. Using this technology to quickly convert digital information into physical objects will increase its use and adaptation into new healthcare applications. Among the areas that are currently using 3D printing stand out the following ones:  rehabilitation, rheumatology, orthopedic surgery and dentistry.

During the four days of training, it will be possible to: understand the techniques and principles of this type of printing, learn to manipulate the files that serve as a starting point, choose the most suitable form of 3D printing for each creation, among other skills.

The course is coordinated by several professors and researchers from both faculties, including the professor and researcher at the NOVA School of Science and Technology, Cláudia Quaresma, and Helena Canhão, professor at the NOVA Medical School.

Participation in the programme costs 980 euros. 

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