The NOVA School of Science and Technology is highlighted in the Foundation for Science and Technology indicators


On July 28th 2021, the Foundation for Science and Technology, IP released the results of the last IC&DT Project Competition in all scientific domains. Although the financial envelope is the same as the previous tender (75M€), the main difference is that it was divided into two types of projects, 60M€ for ICE&DT and 15M€ for PeX. Therefore, this year's contest has 246 IC&DT approved projects and 305 approved PeX for funding (in the previous contest, 312 IC&DT projects were funded).

Researchers at the NOVA School of Science and Technology presented 355 applications for the competition with an eligibility rate of 75.49%, well above the national average of 69.20%. This percentage shows the quality of the work carried out by our researchers.

The success rate among eligible applications for funding was 8.7% in the IC&DT typology and 56.7% in the PeX typology. In this context, our success rate as a Bidder is 7.20% in IC&DT and 63.64% in PeX. The largest number of projects recommended for funding are from the Applied Biomolecular Sciences Unit (UCIBIO) and the Associate Laboratory for Green Chemistry - Clean Technologies and Processes (LAQV).

As usual, researchers from the NOVA School of Science and Technology stand out for their leadership, with a success rate among the presented applications as a Proposing Institution, clearly above average. It should be noted that, among the eligible applications, the NOVA School of Science and Technology  has 147 as Proponent and 121 as Participant. Therefore, among the 34recommended projects for funding, we have 23 projects in which we are the proposing institution.

The Responsible Investigators leading our recommended projects for funding are mostly women, representing 52.94% of the total. In was regards  the Responsible Co-Investigators, are 55.88% women. These numbers are in line with the national trend of 55.2%.