Catarina Martins is the big winner of the ClubeMath Scholarship 2021/2022


Catarina Martins

With an entry grade of 18.04 in the Undergraduate Programme in Mathematics Applied to Risk Management, Catarina Martins is the most recent winner of the ClubeMath Scholarship.

“I've been very interested in mathematics since I was little,” admited the student, who had already chosen the NOVA School of Science and Technology to continue her studies. “I already knew it was the college I wanted to attend. By participating in the Ciência Viva internship in July of this year, I had the opportunity to talk with students and professors at the School, who shared with me their sincere opinion about the environment in the classroom and on campus, which together with the good reputation the faculty already had, it made me decide that this was where I wanted to study,” she states. “This degree [LMAGR] favors an ideal for me because it brings together two areas that aroused great interest in me,” she explains.

The ClubeMath Scholarship distinguishes students who have obtained the best entry grade in one of the degrees in Mathematics at FCT NOVA combined with having participated in an edition of MatNova Summer School, MathIngenious Summer School, Ciência Viva Summer Internships or ClubeMath. “It was a pleasant surprise to have been chosen for a ClubeMath 2021/22 scholarship and I want to thank the opportunity, which came to recognize the work I have been doing”, added Catarina Martins.

ClubeMath is a math club aimed at young people in primary and secondary education. It exists since 2007 and operates at the NOVA School of Science and Technology, with seven sessions per school year, on Saturdays. Learn more about this club here.

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