Professor at NOVA FCT is one of the coordinators of the 1st edition of The Atlas of Health Variation in the Portuguese National Health Service (SNS)


The Atlas of Variation in Health in the Portuguese National Health Service (SNS), developed by the team of researchers of the Value for Health Laboratory CoLAB, with the scientific support of the NOVA University Lisbon, had its official launching on 20th June.

The work, coordinated by Ana Londral, professor at the Department of Physics at NOVA FCT and José Fragata, from Nova Medical School, presents a unique view of the health of the population residing in several regions, highlighting the variations in health care practices and patient outcomes.

This first edition, with health data for the year 2018, highlights the existence of geographical variation between the 18 districts of mainland Portugal for a set of indicators related to hospital admissions and procedures. This work is intended to be an invaluable source of information for health professionals, policy makers, researchers, and for citizens in general, to allow more informed decisions.

The launch took place at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and was attended by the Minister of Health, Manuel Pizarro.