Arquivo de notícias de April de 2013

Catarina Cota, student of the Civil Engineering MSc - Geotechnics, was awarded the Young Geotechnical Engineering Prize of the Portuguese Geotechnical Society.


BEST Engineering Competition Almada 2013

anTUNIA participates at "Estudantino 2013 - Festival de Tunas"

anTUNIA participates at "Estudantino 2013 - Festival de Tunas" and brings home four prizes


April 23d at FCT-UNL - Conference: "The Prevention of Occupational Diseases: Challenges and Opportunities." Link to ACT´s official page:“APrevençãodeDoençasProfissionaisDesafioseOportunidades”,.aspx


Diogo Fialho de Almeida, PhD student belonging to CEFITEC,under orientation of Prof. Paulo Limao-Vieira, sees its work internationally recognized through the  Sheldon Datz. The prize delivery will take place during the international conference ICPEAC 2013 next July in China. Sheldon Datz was a world known pioneer in atomic and mollecular collision physics.


23 April | 14:00

Library Auditorium

Free Admission


Applications are invited for a Research Fellowship (BI) within the R&D Project "Materiais Óxidos Multifuncionais à Nanoescala" (Ref.: EXCL/CTM-NAN/0201/2012), in Laboratório Associado I3N Pólo CENIMAT, FCT/UNL, financed by FCT-MCTES.


The Football Team 11 of FCT / UNL was Vice-Champion Championship Lisbon University 2012/2013,
having lost in the finals with the Faculty of Human Kinetics 4-0.

Having reached the final, FCT has clearance direct to the National University Championships (CNU's), which will take place in Covilhã.


Conference organized by the PhD Program on Electrical and Computer Engineering

15-17 Apr 2013 - Hotel Meliã Aldeia dos Capuchos



This award is given every year to the authors of a paper presented at the AOSD Conference held 10 years prior to the award year. The papers are judged by their influence over the past decade. The paper "Modularisation and composition of aspectual requirements"  published at the AOSD'03 Conference Proceedings had a large impact on various research activities.


Alexandre Páris

April 11th | 13:00

Library Auditorium FCT / UNL

Free Admission


The University of Namibia - UNAM desires to contract academic staff, from different study fields