Undergraduate in Civil Engineering


Undergraduate Programme in Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering degree (LEC) from NOVA School of Science and Technology provides basic skills in the field of Civil Engineering and a solid background in Basic Sciences and Engineering Sciences; enhances the students' ability to understand the economic, industrial, commercial, social and professional environment in which engineering acts are performed; develops oral and written communication skills, in different contexts and in front of different interlocutors; trains and promotes teamwork and enhances constructive critical thinking and decision-making in current contexts.

LEC provides the bases of scientific and technical knowledge that will allow the graduate to pursue the 2nd cycle studies (MSc). It also stimulates the individual skills of professional interaction, facilitating the integration of the graduate into the job market within the scope of activities related to the area of Civil Engineering Sciences.

In addition, this course includes complementary transversal training in soft skills (transversal competences for science and technology, society, sustainability and digital transformation and an introduction program to professional practice / scientific research).

The Civil Engineering graduate of NOVA will thus be able to respond to the current challenges of a built environment that is intended to be safe, comfortable, durable and sustainable, in line with the United Nations' sustainable development objectives.

Tuition Fees 

Portuguese students: 697 €/year

Foreign students: 7000 €/year



Entrance requirements for the 2024/2025 academic year

Vacancies for 2024/2025:


Specific exams:

07 Physics and Chemistry + 19 Mathematics A

Minimum grade of the specific(s) exam(s): 95

Minimum grade of the application: 95

Admission formula:

60% of the final grade obtained in  secondary school
40% of the final grade of the specific(s) exam(s)

Grade of the last admitted student 2023/2024 : 129,4

Average grade of admitted students 2023/2024 : 140,0

Course coordinator:

Professora Carla Marchão


Registration and Accreditation

DGES - Registration number R/A-Cr186/2020 on 12/01/2021

A3ES - Publication date of the accreditation decision: 11/12/2020

Period of validity of the accreditation: 6 years from 31/07/2020

About the Department of Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering (DEC) was established in 1996. Today it offers a bachelor’s in civil engineering (3 years), four 2nd cycle Master Programs in Civil Engineering and in Structures and Geotechnics (2 years), Building Rehabilitation (1.5 years) and Facade Technology (1 year), and a PhD program in Civil Engineering (3 years). In parallel DEC has developed specific “lifelong learning” and graduate courses in the field of Sustainable Construction and Rehabilitation, and Rehabilitation of Railway Infrastructures.

DEC develops scientific and technological research activities with national and international partnerships, participating in R&D projects in several areas, such as Structural Concrete and Masonry; Structures Retrofitting; Structures under Extreme Events; Numerical Simulation of Structures; Ecoefficiency of Construction Materials; Energy, Comfort and IAQ Performance of Buildings; Building Pathology and Rehabilitation; Geotechnics; Road Pavements; Spatial and Urban Planning.

There are currently more than 300 students enrolled in Civil Engineering at NOVA and the DEC’s faculty totals 35 teachers, 32 of whom with PhDs.

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