Erasmus Student Mobility for Studies (SMS)


Application calendar

1st Semester (September - January) or whole academic year:

Nominations must be sent until 31/05

Application documents must be sent until 30/06

2nd Semester (March - July):

Nominations must be sent until 31/10

Application documents must be sent until 30/11


Application documents and procedures

To come to NOVA School of Science and Technology as an Erasmus student, there must exist a bilateral agreement between UNL and your University. Please confirm with your institution which agreements are available for you.

Required Documents

    • Learning Agreement - The Learning Agreement should be managed online by using the Online Learning Agreement platformIf by any chance your home institution doesn't work with Erasmus Without Paper you can use the following template  (doc) - Filled informatically (not handwritten), signed by the student and also signed and stamped by the home university.
    • For further guidance on how to manage Online Learning Agreements – Please read the Guidelines on how to use the Learning Agreement for studies. Always use the email when completing your online learning agreement. 
    • Transcript of Records - With the list of courses and grades obtained by the student at his University of origin, duly signed and stamped by your home university.
    • B1 Language Certificate of ENGLISH or A2 Language Certificate of PORTUGUESE.
    • European Health Insurance Card for medical assistance.


          The documents must be sent to, duly signed and stamped by your university.

          We don't need to receive the original documents by post. If your University needs to have the original documents signed and stamped you should bring the documents with you, when you start your mobility period.


          While preparing your Application

          The foreign student should apply as soon as possible and carefully plan its stay in Portugal.

          To do so, you must contact your Faculty's International Office, where you will get information about the steps you must take to do your application and afterwards you must speak with your Coordinator, who will help you with the elaboration of your Learning Agreement. To fill up correctly your Learning Agreement, you must use the codes and the Portuguese names of the courses you intend to study and, to do so, you should consult the courses programs. This information is available in Portuguese and in English.

          After this, you must send, by email, to the International Relations Division (div.ri.incoming@fct.unl.ptthe Learning Agreement or link to your OLA, the Transcript of Records and the language certificate. Then you must wait for the confirmation (by mail) that you were accepted as an Erasmus student at NOVA School of Science and Technology.

          Here you can read about our grading system and its equivalence with the ECTS Grading Scale.

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          Academic offer


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          Language of instruction

          At NOVA School of Science and Technology, all courses are taught in Portuguese. In the 2nd and 3rd cycles (Master Degree and Doctoral Programmes), the teachers will provide some support in English to foreign students.

          At FCT NOVA, mobility students must present a language certificate during the application, B1 of English or A2 of Portuguese. However, in order to be able to communicate properly and attend classes successfully during the study period, we recommend the English B2.

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          Changes to the original plan of study

          In case you need to change your approved plan of study you can do so by filling the form "During Mobility" and send to our Office by email. Don't forget to sign this form and to collect the signature of the responsible person for your acceptance. After receiving this document signed we will update your CLIP.

          Deadline to do changes in the plan: 30 days after classes start.

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          Extension of the mobility period

          If you are interested in extending your period of study at NOVA School of Science and Technology, beyond the leaving date first indicated, to do exams, new courses or a project, you will need to ask for the approval of your University.  The extension of the period of study must be allowed through a proper document signed and stamped by the Sending Institution, beyond this you also need the approval of your Coordinator at NOVA School of Science and Technology.

          This document must be handed to International Relations Division two months before your first indicated departure date.

          If your University doesn't have a proper document for this purpose, you may use our own (doc). 

          After the approval of the extension of stay, don’t forget to assure accommodation for the new period.

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          Final documents

          At the end of their studies at NOVA School of Science and Technology, Erasmus students receive a certificate proving their success and classes’ attendance, containing information about all the attended subjects, as well as their examination results.

          So, before leaving FCT, you must ask for the emission of:

          • Certificate of Attendance - confirming the duration of your studies at NOVA School of Science and Technology;
          • Transcript of Records (certificate with all the obtained grades);
          • If you have done the final project or Master thesis research you must ask your  NOVA School of Science and Technology’s supervisor to give you a declaration describing the work that you have done and if you have done it with success. This declaration must be presented at the International Relations Divisuion, in order to be stamped.

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          Erasmus Students final questionnaire

          Fill in here.

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          Useful information

          Academic Calendar


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          Erasmus coordinators list

          Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering (DCEA) Alexandra Ribeiro
          Department of Materials Science (DCM) Maria do Carmo Lança
          Department of Conservation and Restoration (DCR) Susana de Sá
          Department of Applied Social Sciences (DCSA) Fernanda Llussá
          Department of Earth Sciences (DCT) Pedro Lamas
          Department of Life Sciences (DCV) Pedro Viana Baptista
          Department of Civil Engineering (DEC) José Nuno Varandas
          Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (DEEC) Ricardo Gonçalves
          Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineerin - Mechanics (DEMI) Rui Martins
          Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering – Industrial (DEMI) Rogério Puga Leal
          Department of Physics (DF) João Cruz
          Department of Computer Science (DI) Pedro Medeiros
          Department of Mathematics (DM) Paula Patrício
          Department of Chemistry - Chemistry (DQ) Carlos Lodeiro
          Department of Chemistry - Biochemistry (DQ) Cristina Costa
          Department of Chemistry – Chemical Engineering (DQ) Teresa Casimiro
          Department of Chemistry - Sciences and Technology of Biomass (DQ) Ana Luísa Fernando

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          NOVA School of Science and Technology departments


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